Random MPESA error messages

Anybody else getting these random “Failed. You are not registered on M-PESA.” texts from Safaricom? Let me point out that my Mpesa is fine and i transact with it daily without any hitches. The random failed message texts just started coming after the Safaricom mpesa upgrade, very annoying.

I wasn’t paying much attention to the failed texts but today when the last text came in purpoting that i had just made an online transaction, of which i didn’t, i quickly transferred all the cash in my Mpesa to my bank account for fear of being hacked. Now calling safaricom to get to the bottom of this smh

Not experienced it at all.

:smirk: maybe KRA suspended your PIN(kidding), or is your your number a ported one those have issues

Using a ported number and everything seems fine…might be some serious issue he is facing.

Mine is a different issue, but errors all the same.

I cannot transact from my Galaxy A5 2016 ever since the update was made. I either get a no-response when I make a transaction that ends just before I enter PIN, or after I enter, it says message not sent, try again.
I’ve had to go along with a secondary phone that I switch SIM whenever I need an Mpesa transaction.
This is quite inconveniencing since the second phone is a simple Android phone with little storage. I cannot install other apps that I use for bills like Mula and mySafaricom. Also, I don’t like staggering my SMS across phones.

I did request for assistance from Safaricom customer service with no success, they told me to dial #330*0000#OK to unbar my phone, but there wasn’t any improvements.

I think I had forgetten about this. It reaches a time and my MPESA STK menu fails to execute any command. It happens that way for hours. Tried to complain and I was not helped.

Any solutions to this…!?

Factory reset your device. It could be an issue with your OS, also check if ‘safe mode’ is available on your phone & confirm if Mpesa works. If all fails, get a new device. Mpesa or rather stk app is not designed to fail on whatever handset in use. Even kabambes use mpesa.

Well, it is a brand new device and from the looks of it I ain’t the only one with failed mpesa…

All Android phones will boot into “safe mode” if you long-press volume down immediately after the boot logo…

Apparently I can use access Mpesa on Ssd just fine. The issue is with the Sim Toolkit…