Quitting WhatsApp, Logical?

So everyone is telling everyone else to quit WhatsApp and join Signal. This is one of the best reactions I’ve seen from people against large corporations. My question is, is it logical to quit WhatsApp is still have Facebook and Instagram apps installed in our devices? Isn’t that similar to burying head in the sand and hoping for the problem to go away?

Quiting whatsapp will take a huge set of incentives as it is right now,a lot of users are so used to it.it will take a technical collapse of the whatsapp infrastructure to move persons or maybe a block of the application on the playstores.

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Will be difficult to switch out of an app so widely adopted by Everyone… Whatsapp didn’t get widespread adoption because it is the best but benefited from the Multiplier effect of knowing one other person on it…
Now everyone i know is using Whatsapp

For the status quo to change significantly, this requires a Significant event to happen to break the Cord…

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right now it has been the only facebook app i have been using for over 3 years on my phone getting rid of it is not quite easy since it is the easiest and most prefered app by everyone i know especially family members and relatives