(Question) What is the best video editor?

What is the best simple video editor? I need something easy, since I’m new. I want to be able to add sound effects, background music, transitions, etc. I plan on making gaming videos. Thanks!

Edit: It sounds like Premier is the best or at least the most popular. I’ll give it a shot!

“davinci resolve” has a free version

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The most professional in my opinion is Adobe premier pro.

Davinci Resolve is the best hands down, free version has most pro features you buy in Adobe and the likes

I use Adobe Premiere Pro

Is that free ama ni cracking

i think Adobe Premier Pro is the best option for the video editing for all types of videos. The features like sound effects, video effects, etc make this tool best among others.

It depends. PC lovers will go with Adobe Premier PRO and Mac lovers will go with Final Cut PRO. However, you don’t need these pieces of expensive and resource hog software if you’re not a full time film editor and producer. Simple tools like Filmora and PowerPoint can get you there.

You’ll be surprised that they use Final Cut PRO. Most of these professionals (Not the average guy trying to be a professional) use Macs and so is the software.

My reference source is Peter McKinnon

In my opinion Filmora9 is what you should go for. This is the software I started with as a beginner. Reason being, it was extremely user friendly and cheap. Considering I was making zero budget videos, this was the right tool to start with


Filmora 9 hands down for PC users

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True. A steep learning curve but really good

Adobe premier pro has to be bundled with other softwares in the suite for those effects and stuff

I would recommend Flexclip for your try.
It is the easiest video editor I’ve used.
No skill needed.
It can meet all your mentioned requirements.

kdenlive (or shotcut) for your videos, Gimp for your thumbnails… FOSS :hearts:

Here arNero Video. …
Corel VideoStudio. …
Filmora from Wondershare. …
CyberLink PowerDirector. …
Adobe Premiere Elements. …
Pinnacle Studio. …
Adobe Premiere Pro. …
Apple Final Cut Pro X. For the most advanced, least fiscally prudent of beginners, there’s Apple Final Cut Pro X.e
These are few of my suggestions
You can choose the one which suits you the most.