Question about password reset disk

How can I create a password reset disk to reset my admin password? My ex-employ left the company without telling the login credentials and now the computer is locked. It is a Windows 10 PC.

Appreciated for any input.

Hey, You can seek the services of a professional IT administrator and he or she will get it done in minutes. But if you are short on budget, you probably love IT stuff, then you can try this simple DIY steps

Hope this helps. Cheers.

@alwayssweating command prompt is too complicated for me. thanks

The command prompt is really complicated,how about Ophcrack, Kon-Boot and Cain &Abel?They are free software and easy operate.

Ophacrack will be limited by number of characters.

You can’t create a password reset disk for an account you have no access to. You must have access first.

I heard a lot of tools can do this but not verified

I don’t know of any other tool that can read the password apart from ophacrack. The free version has a limit of 10 characters.
The other tools I know will just remove the password. The easiest is the CMD which you said is complicated for you unfortunately.
You need to be aware that removing the password will lock you out of File System encrypted files but if you have none, rest easy and remove the password.

About how to create Win 10 password reset disk,i think it is possible,the most common method is to download a Windows 10 iso and burn it to a DVD or USB.
If you want to reset the password directly with the tool, I think NT password will be a good option,even if many people think it is too difficult to operate.

He says CMD is hard for him so I don’t think NT password will also be of much help.

I suggest bringing in a professional who can handle things like these.

Steps about how to create Windows password reset disk,download Windows iso from Microsoft,next burn iso to a disk,for this, the most used tools are Rufus and ISO to USB.

You can’t burn a password reset disk without access to your account in the first place.

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It is not difficult to make a bootable disk,but it should be noted that there is enough space in your USB to burn Windows ISO.