Quartz Heaters/infrared Heaters. Anyone using them?

Usually when building one can use Cavity walls

For an existing building one can line the floor and walls with Insulation Panels…

When you have Nairobi security in mind, do you put the brick on the inside or the outside?

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I envy north Americans’ wooden houses, yaani such houses are so versatile, whether it’s insulation, installing new stuff, rewiring, mounting anything… Kenya ukitaka wooden house rudi ocha ujenge yako or pay more in cities.


On the Inside

Hehe I had suggested a cheaper american type house to Murenget in Limuru client, they refused, a raised wooden house with rockwool insulation on floor, roof and walls and finished with gypsum (drywall) on the inside, they refused opting for a cold stone house.
Wooden earth floor houses back in ocha are warmer.
anyway noticed a spike in house heaters sold during this time same as washing machines during lock down, is it that charcoal is expe or have tokens become cheaper or are lots of people single?

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:joy: I can confidently say tokens are still as expensive as before, unless they’ve not yet hit 100 tokens a month and paid 15.8 Bob for a token instead of 10.

But for washing machine, many of us young people want one. Nothing sucks more than washing clothes… Or seeing your significant other wash your clothes every weekend

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Kwanza hapa ndio kazi iko Sana. She got other work in the house it is really a task.

The oil filled one is expensive to buy but cheap to run.

Clearly oil filled heater traders are doing a bad job. They would have been making noise to do customer education, we would have bought these things a long time ago. Some of us would have saved more and avoided buying the 2k heaters that dry up the air.

Some of us would even make a serious consideration about moving to the cold counties without worry about 2am cold inside the house.


There is this product called mkeka wa mbao that I’ve seen influencers promoting. Looks more affordable than wooden and laminate flooring and you can put it in a rental and move out with it.

I usually take such promo videos with a pinch or two of salt. So has anyone here tried it and is it really as warm as they say?

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especially vile our celebs are poor at reviews.

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and also use lots of power. remember they are never below 1000w and most are 2000w or slightly more

Yeah maze :joy:. I would advise against following any Kenyan celeb advice, unless you are familiar with the product.

Kenyan celebs are the worst reviewers. Yaani wakifanya review unaona tu wamepewa. There is usually nothing critical in their reviews. No difference na vile msee atakushow “btw nliskia kuna stuff fulani hapo inafanya hivi na inawekwa hivi”

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Hao celebs ni pesa tu wanatafuta. You critique a product your cheque ibounce :joy::joy::joy:

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but ata practical use hua tu hawapeani is just kuna hii stuff and i think you should buy