Quartz Heaters/infrared Heaters. Anyone using them?

I want to purchase the infrared/quartz heater. I have read reviews online that it has great benefits. Anyone using one? Planning to buy one this week. Please share your experience if you have one. Here is my pick

Bibi alitoroka?

I currently have a simple Armco heater, works well enough. Should be around 3k.


Hapana :joy::joy::joy:

Kuna pahali nimehamia hapa 87 waiyaki way it feels like an extension of Kinangop. It’s on the wind ward side ya mlima. Ile baridi inapuliza hii place si ya mchezo.

I don’t know what humidifier represents in that Hotpoint heater, but I’ve heard that my type makes the air so dry and that is not a good thing.

Had to go to class in YouTube to know what it does. Traditional heaters heat air (and oxygen). So the hot air can cause a number of issues. Dry skin na ku feel unapumua hewa moto.

Hii ya infrared inatoa heat kama ya jua minus UV rays. So it does not heat any air. Instead it heats surfaces. The heat also penetrates walls kama tu ya jua.

Kwanza heat penetration on walls and surfaces ndiyo imefanya naidai. Less than two weeks kwa house and dump and moulds zimetokea. Chewing furniture kwanza and walls are damn cold you can spot unyevu kwa ukuta at times :persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:

I need a temporary solution as I plan to move out end of next month.

Here is an explanation of what the infrared heaters do. Picked this up from a model yenye Carrefour had posted and found description on some dated Jumia listing on some third party site

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Thanks for educating us in the process.


You might want to look at gas heaters. Work like infrared heaters but without the cost of KPLC

Don’t gas heaters burn the oxygen in the room?

Electricity bill vs oxygen

Yes they do and release a host of other pollutants.

It’s time to wake up this thread, we need heater options to counter this cold. Who currently has a heater or bought one recently they can recommend? Also put up pictures of the heaters and its specs to help us choose.

I’ve seen Carefour and Naivas have Small Armco, Ramtons and Mika heaters on offer ranging between 1,500-5,000/-. Are they any good or do they just melt with time.

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I have a Delonghi 1100 - 2000W fan heater.

Got it at hotpoint but not sure whether they are still in stock. At the time my primary concern for avoiding the kawaida brands was people told me they develop malfunctions and start melting after a while. The Delonghi has clocked over 3 years now and still going strong.

I’ve been thinking of getting an oil filled radiator heater to provide heat silently without ‘drying’ the air lakini the prices are not friendly. Depending on how long the cold spell goes on nitaona.

A neat trick to this is while using your electric heater place a sufuria of boiling water near the heat sorce to counter too much dry air from forming in the room. This is a more eco-friendly way to humudify the room naturally.


This solution was proposed in another forum I am in, place a bowl of boiled water to steam in front of the heater. The water doesn’t cool as it is in front of the heater, and warm air rises.


Watch these from my favorite youtuber
Space Heater Nonsense

From this video no heater should boast about being more efficient than the other
electric heaters are the only 100% efficient appliances available what should inform your purchase is
how big your house is and how well insulated it is, the other is how the heater looks style wise
other wise go for the cheapest one you can get.

For me being from Laikipia it gets stupidly cold so I got Mum an oil filled heater the advantage is the oil keeps the space warm long after you switch the heater off, downside is it takes a long time to get to temperature.
oh and it does not dry the air.


This is very true. I have a quartz heater and it does exactly that. Something else you need to be aware off, fan heaters make a lot of noise. Quartz are dead silent. They also heat surface as it is said. You touch a surface it is very very hot but the air is just cool. One thing I have learnt with quartz heaters is they are energy efficient than fan heaters and they kinda tricky to heat the room.

I have been planning to sell or give out this one and buy an oil filled heater it is expensive but the best. More energy efficient and safe.

I will refute this claim. Definitely, if you get to test different heaters in one room, they will yield different results. That said, it doesn’t matter what he says, but oil filled heaters are the best and most energy efficient.

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Go see the video the guy makes a good case, but hapa kwa insulation we need to insulate our houses kidogo, stone walls, tiled floors and metal doors and windows are not the best.
I don’t think any landlord ever thinks about thermal efficiency when building.


Nimeget his point. Yake was on the labelling on room heaters and of course with those few additives. Point is, with our not efficient houses, there must be a better than tho other.

suddenly i am now interested in this considering the current environment.I am also thinking of getting one for my parents as a gift.Following actively now.


This is the crux of the problem. However much you heat the house, once the heater is off all the heat is lost in less than an hour. Very inconvenient especially if you have issues sleeping in a cold environment, the heater keeps coming on if set to a thermostat and chews units like crazy.

I wonder what small improvements one can do to improve the thermal efficiency of an already built house.