Purchasing a Laptop in 2021

Hello Gurus,
In 2021 ,i think the most recommended laptops will be the Mac M1 family. For some of us who cant afford that price tag or aren’t into the Apple eco maybe because of gaming etc. will be looking for alternatives.
What (affordable)laptops would you advise folks to go for ?

Affordable is relative. A price range is much better.

If you can, target laptops with at least 10th gen CPUs because of Intel Iris graphics (waay better than dedicated Nvidia MX110). If you want a dedicated GPU, don’t accept anything less than Nvidia MX 330.

10th gen core i7 laptops cost around 65-80k on entry level. (I’m insisting on 10th gen cuz I made a mistake of buying 8th gen i7 with dedicated MX 110 2gb graphics for 79k. Trust me, don’t make that mistake. I have checked benchmarks and 10th Gen Intel and new Ryzen PCs are significantly powerful).

Consider Lenovo S145 2020 model, Asus X509J (not the common X509F), or new gen HPs. If you decide to buy used PCs, don’t pay more than 50k, unless it has a proper dedicated GPU. Thank me later.


Around 600 USD

Got this for $999 (add US tax+ shipping with Savostore)



For the M1 I think it’s better to be an early majority (or preferably a late majority) and wait for gen 2 or 3 rather than be a first time adopter …historically performance and problems have been fixed with iterations and maybe a price drop as competition enters into the foray…

The Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 pro seems to embody all that I like:

  • 14" Screen (easily portable)
  • 16:10 aspect ratio (More usable vertical space)
  • 300+ nits of brightness
  • AMD Ryzen 4900H Mobile Processor (8 cores and still runs cooler)


  • Ram soldered in
  • Availability
  • AMD Ryzen 5000 Mobile series (Rumours of launching soon with improvements on single core performance)

What would you guys recommend for someone who plans to keep the laptop for the next 7 years? Some of the things I do…

-Lots of writing (thinkpad keyboards or something better, so 13inch laptops are out)
-Lots of mobile app and web coding
-Light gaming
-Watching movies on the sofa (2in1 design would be perfect)
-Lots of the travel (not more than 1.5kg)
-Bright (>400nits) nonglossy screen such as IPS matte (for use in the sun)
-some blender and CAD
-Battery that can last all day with moderate use is awesome.

Any suggestions below 100k ?

Too itchy and had to post before the embargo is lifted… seems the 5000s is out and Asus is offering it on all of their devices

Sounds like a desktop …a good screen(27", 32" or above), external peripherals like a mechanical keyboard with mx cherry blues or browns, maybe a Ryzen 3000 series CPU or 5000 and a GPU like NVIDIA 3700 or 6800 if your into Linux

You can’t have all that performance above and expect a battery king …Maybe a setup for heavy tasks (you can remote in …though speeds/bandwidth will have to be considered) and a mobile, everyday carry or online platforms that can do your “heavy” tasks (not to sure about blender/CAD platforms) AutoCAD? but you will have to pony up recurring fees (OPEX) and not a one time cost (CAPEX) …though you’ll be upgrading components e.g CPU + GPU

If you want a laptop to keep for 7 years, you will need to import. Either wait for 5000 series as mentioned by @Adrian_Teri, or import this one below via kina savostore, total cost will be around the same; maybe a bit higher. I can vouch for that keyboard cuz my Asus has a similar implementation.

If you can’t wait and you are inpatient as I was, get this Xiaomi from Avechi

All the above suggestions satisfy “light gaming” that you need

I had thought of importing Samsung Book Flex 15.6inches. The international version has an entry level Nvidia card. But the laptop is too expensive $1400 before importing. Also I have no idea what its keyboard is like. I doubt I can find any Kenyan with this copy just to feel the keyboard

$1400 is too much for a Samsung laptop unless you are really into its stuff, there are so many better options at that price tbh

This is true​:laughing:cant find it

A warning for buyers eyeing 30 series gaming laptops, even for black friday which is whiles away.

Spec sheets are not to be trusted …You have to research and watch reviews of the specific product you wish to buy …Dave Lee, LinusTechTips and HardwareCanucks have all sounded the warning bells …

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I know I cannot afford it, but I regularly drool over the upcoming Razer Blade 15 Advanced Edition :joy:… Just in case things change :sunglasses:. I hope Razer will power that 3080 GPU with 180 Watts rather than 80. For such a slim laptop I would preorder it if I had $2900 :moneybag: lying around

Dual chunky power adapters for power? Don’t think that’s how Razer rolls. I have seen mismatches in HardwareCarnucks video where you are leaving performance on the table even @ 80 watts …the 11th gen mobile CPUs seem to be bottlenecks.

A more serious issue is cooling …you pump in that much energy you better have the same or more capacity for cooling …

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:joy: I don’t think they are limited by power adapter form factor, after all, Razer ships its gaming laptops with beefy but slim 230 Watts chargers. Charger technology has evolved significantly due to Gallium Nitride (GaN) compound.

Not 11th but 10th. 11th gen high-end intel chips have not yet been shipped to gaming companies, but benchmarks are beginning to emerge. That’s why new 30-series gaming laptops are still shipping with 10875H

Which model is this …?

It’s a Lenovo Legion 5

Model: 81Y600DCUS16

I remember an 11370H from eber from HwC struggling with the intel SKU of the machine …

I speculate they will be expensive …and if your out looking for a deal prices might not lower this year as I do also on #PS5/ #SeriesX expansion SSDs…

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