; scam? legit? Share experiences, if any

Below is a pasted copy of one of the many texts that has been circulating on WhatsApp for like a month now. I visited the site the first time i got the text and after immediately noticing that it’s not secured I ignored them. The texts have since been increasing in WhatsApp groups and this has aroused my curiosity., kindly share your experiences of this or any similar sites you may have encountered

I’ve tried searching online and the info I’m getting doesn’t say they are scam, but no source endorses it. So we are back to where you started.

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Sounds like they are engaging in click fraud. Good luck getting paid 10 bob per click.

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The reason such texts are circulating around WhatsApp is because Kenyans love fre things and someone already calculated how they can like 100 ads and get their 1K.

Whether you will actually get your 10 bob or not, the company behind it makes money.


I was just about to start this topic because I am at an office where all they’re doing is using public likes.

So far, this site has the most info of what i’ve found:

Earn Ksh. 250 Daily for clicking Ads through Public Likes

I have a friend who is doing this (actually seated across from them as I type this) So serious that after 2 weeks of using it, they switched to a pro/business account. Right now they’re making 500/- a day from 50 ads @ KES 10 per ad (So @Mark you can get paid 10/- per click)

The article presents some caveats

True. Referrals is where you stand to make money and as such it seems like a pyramid scheme. It is more like a click farm where whoever is behind the company has simply crowdsourced 'black hat growth hacking’ to make as much money from it via as little effort as possible.


Screenshot of their pay for today:

500 bob per day? Wah. I see people turning this into a career.


Found a pal of mine who apparently joined last week. She says that the site claims that Friday is the payday, but last Friday the site was down the whole day :smiley:

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Well well well just stumbled on this and thought I should share

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So i just forwarded this link to my pal and she in turn forwarded it to another group, this was the reply she got

My verdict is that this stuff is so GNLD/Internet Marketing Africa-like controversial I just wouldn’t join


You didn’t see anything wrong with that screenshot? That looks like a HTC, the Mpesa image in there is something like a Series 30 Nokia. Why would one need to do that?


The date on the screenshot and the date mentioned on your comment :astonished::astonished::astonished:

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Hehe kwani u wanna try it out. That’s the date that the friend of my friend says she got her first payment. Going by how it operates i find it to be just another pyramid scheme where you are required to pay a certain amount (4500) to upgrade your account. My theory is that since this allegedly was the lady’s first payment (3280) , then the 1220 on top was shared among the guys above her in the scheme, with those complex matrixes that the schemes normally use to do the calculations.

I brought this to your attention guys coz there’s also another one someone approached me asking me to join, an Indonesian company involving Bitcoin. It sounded so tempting at first especially after i saw from his account that he earns like between 2-10 dollars a day and this has been increasing with the rise in Bitcoin value. But after doing my homework well I held back coz i saw it operates the same way these schemes do. The guy at the bottom always carries the heaviest load and this is just bound to collapse the whole thing, but someone somewhere at the top will still go home smiling.

All in all it’s just about being open minded but cautious. I’m always curious to find out what’s out there and I know that what I find can be wrong too. I believe that being open minded goes a long way helping someone to make an informed decision. At the same time knowledge is ever changing and decisions made based on knowledge that has been outdated can be a hindrance to progress, and it goes back to being open minded, hence the need to share experiences. Anyone with other experiences on the same please do share

This article is right. No company will just pay for likes, unless it is Facebook page likes. Companies want to convert people to sales, so just liking an ad doesn’ seem like something that would be attractive enought to be legit, and thus it is highly likely to be a scam.


I decided to join using a fake email. (I have not given them my number yet)

When I get to 2500/=, I will withdraw my ‘hard earned money’.

Another funny thing I noticed is that they do not detect my adblock. I have been getting the 10/= per view without seeing any ads.

Oh! They also have a weekly jackpot now.


Now you’re also a scammer. :laughing:


I’ve actually tried this. Joined on 20th last month…am one person expecting this to crash soon enough,but before then am liking the money I’ve made. So far I’ve withdrawn on average 22000/=.

I am guessing you paid the subscription fee.

Exactly! 10/= per click seems too high. Like one could make 100 bob just by linking 10 ads. Now imagine if 1000 people try that. I don’t think these guys can afford to pay like 100K per day.


I guess I’m wrong :smile_cat:

On second thought…

Wooooooi! 22K! :dizzy_face: I am trying this right now!

Yeah,I did