PS4 or Xbox One,Local Context,Your Thoughts?

So finally i am tired of PC gaming and i have decided to get a gaming console ,in the coming week, to supplement my gaming needs.I am torn between PS4 and Xbox one though i know PS4 has great features,like shareplay, that work locally plus its cheaper and there are more kenyan gamers on the platform,Xbox One has great hardware and it can be an awesome experience connecting it with streaming services and my windows 10 notebook that already has lots of my games on Origin and Steam.Just wanted to know your thoughts and experiences on using both consoles locally…

Go for the PlayStation 4. I am not a gamer, so I am just saying stuff.

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Want a media consumption device? Get an Xbox. Want a gaming machine? Get a PS4. As much as the 1X is more powerful and has all those ‘shiny’ Windows features, it is severely lacking in the games department, the only ‘good’ exclusives it has are Halo, Forza & Gears of War. The PS4 otoh has all the IT exclusives: Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4 & Lost Legacy, Bloodborne, Last Of Us & next year it’s getting Last Of Us 2 & God Of War 4. Plus I’ve found PS4 games to be cheaper by like 500-1000/= if you’re buying local. And most of the local gaming communities have more guys with ps4s so it’ll be way easier to find someone to trade games with. Whichever you decide to go with, hit me up and I’ll point you to a store where you can get either for a really good price.

TL;DR : Xbox, Great Console, No Games(Exclusives). PS4, Good Console, All Games(Exclusives).

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So apparently i went for the PS4,the good guys at sorted me out with delivery to my place after payment via MPESA…it barely took 2 hours the entire process,Big up to Victor and team…So far after setting up i been blown away,FIFA 18 was smooth play on it unlike PC and its not too bad on the media streaming as the youtube,amazon and plex app are on point.

A point for the Xbox is that you have access to a library of 50+ games, early trials and a 10% discount off digital purchases from EA for around 3000ksh per year through EA Access. Sony has absolutely refused to allow this on the ps4.

Damn,PS4 games are expensive…i just got FIFA 17 and NFS Rivals at a premium

Am just wondering, why would you get FIFA 17 and you said you had 18?

I had the FIFA 18 demo,which is free to download on the Playstation store,unfortunately that one is limited in many ways.

I am a TEKKEN Fan, Apparently you cant play TEKKEN online via PS4 without a PSN plus account. Trying to subscribe for one is a pain for countries outside the americas/europe Master cards always get rejected. I have both PS4 and the PS3 consoles and i always find myself playing more PS3 games simply because playing TEKKEN (My favorite game) online is free unlike on PS4

maze this psn plus thing is really frustrating,getting a psn plus is expe n difficult locally and one needs it if they want to play online multiplayer with friends.Krizwech i am downloading it asap and trying it out.

PS4 for sure is better, i bought PS4 1 year ago in the same week my friend bought the X-BOX One, his 2 controls are half broken and not working well (by playing only fifa with friends) my controls working excellent like the day i bring the console.
we was shocked from the quality of the X-Box controls… probably Sony is made from other materials and absolutely not like Microsoft devices are…
Good Luck

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I got the PS4 alright,just having issues with online multiplayer and PSN plus…getting PS4 games locally is easy but they are freaking expensive…gotta work on my budget to get some titles lol…for now its just babysteps.

The best place to buy games is Ebay and Amazon (USA) - i recommend on used games only, they are cheap as 50% less, and works exactly the same as Brand New game.
try it once and see there isn’t any different only by the price… :slight_smile:

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Going forward thats the only way,Used titles from local sites like OLX can be a great place to start.If digital downloads get cheaper and easier to pay locally through the Playstation store then thats even way better.

I have my Xbox Controller from 2 yrs ago still in perfect condition. It has been tossed around quite a few times due to frustration but everything still works. Analogs, buttons etc.

I have a friend that runs a gaming lounge with mostly PS4s. The controllers are not in great shape and he has had to replace a few of them already. I don’t think the controllers last a year there.

It really depends on how they are handled. You might just be better with your things.

– From an Xbox fanboy :grin:

That’s how it goes when one crosses over to the console world from PC. You smile as you buy the affordable ( a.k.a heavily subsidised) console, then the smiles start to turn upside down as you realise how expensive games are. Then it dips even further as you realise you have to pay a yearly subscription to even play multiplayer games. Just bear with it and hope it will be jailbroken sooner rather than later.


You can also marshall your friends so you each buy different games then you can pass the disc around.

There’s also the option to use the Gameshare feature.

speaking of gameshare,there is free open online multiplayer on PS4 from 15th to 20th of November,one doesnt need a PSN Plus membership for that period.Enjoy fellaz,lets meet up and play some games.

Apparently that only applies to one selected game smh,