Productivity app [Contact Editor - Google contact manager]

Hi everyone.
A friend of mine recently developed a really useful Chrome app that I wanted to share with everyone.
It’s a free Chrome extension called Contact Editor that lets you organize your phone contacts in an Excel format on your PC.
I’ve been personally using it for three months already because I’m the type of person that usually saves the contacts’ information in rush and without any criteria, I usually just type an entire name and last name in the “name” category and mobile phone and home phone numbers are also just randomly entered.

Basically, Contact Editor helps you edit the contact list on your phone with just a couple of mouse clicks in Excel-like space. It makes it easy to organize a messy address book and get rid of duplicate contacts. Also you see all your contacts at one glance, and see what information is missing.

My favorite feature is bulk editing - you can select multiple contacts at once and apply the same change onto all of them. If you have many business contacts, you can also find it useful as it supports company name, department, title, several emails and phone numbers, address, even a space for writing memos about the person, how you met etc. Oh, and it works for both iPhone & Android phone contacts

This is basically a free extension , but if you want you can upgrade to Premium version (around 5 dollars for 1 year). I was using the free version for about 2 months, since most features are unlocked and it’s more than enough to organize all the contacts.

And the reason why I decided to introduce it to the community is because my friend (the developer of this extension) gave me a promotion code for the free upgrade to the Premium version. With the promotion code IONI-CONTACT-EDITOR anyone can become a Premium user for 1 month for free. (Even though the basic version is seriously already useful as it is).

The extension is available on Chrome Web Store. You can install it here

Also, since it’s my own friend that developed it, in case you have any feedback or ideas about what features it would be good to add, you can always let me know!

I hope you install it, try it and find it useful. :grinning: