Poweramp Beta Preview

I have been using Poweramp for a long time. It has been my go-to music player since 2011 - I would literally open a new email address and reset my phone just to get a fortnight of free usage until I discovered root access and the tricks of Lucky Patcher. At that time, it was an expensive affair to shed 600 bob for the app, and admittedly, I grew older and shed bad habits of using awesome apps for free. So, around December 2013/14, I got those Christmas deals and bought it.
In Dec 2016, I upgraded my then LG G3 phone to official Marshmallow (LG used to send timely updates people, how times change!), and was faced with Poweramp compatibility issues. Primarily, notification bar controls were blurred out, meaning you couldn’t skip to the next track unless you open the app. The same issue was replicated in Nougat, as well as Oreo, until the Beta Preview happened.
I have been testing the beta for a few days and it solves the notification issue, in addition to giving the app a cosmetic facelift it needed for a damn long time.
Controls are now at the bottom of the screen. Settings can be accessed by hitting an ergonomically-placed button (not the three button action bar on the top right - ugh). The same thing can be done for search. Also, aren’t those settings colourful! Playback can is complimented with visuals if you so choose.
However, some things are not working, like theme application. I’m yet to figure out how to share my music files from the app to other services. I also can’t find the option to display track counters.
On the whole, this is the same app with punchier sounds and better bass. Audio presets are still there (I use bass+treble).
Anyone tested it? Experiences?

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I was once a fan of Poweramp player for a very long time due to features like rich bass, crossfade, and other tweaks this app has. It was perfect, especially since Chinese OEMs never cared about audio in the devices they sold. However, when I got a decent phone, I felt like Poweramp was muffling sound. Setting the app to bass muffled the highs and the mids. Am a bass lover, but I like it when I can hear all sounds correctly. My device was able to provide this and since then I have never looked back :grin::grin:. Also, I use Deezer for music and it comes with “high quality” streaming preset which sounds reeaaally good :grin:

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This was 1 of my old favorite app. I wouldn’t say I used it much for playing local music but for only streaming

I have used poweramp from 2015. It has been great. The tweaks are as good as the app on its basic setup. However I have stopped using it very often after deleting music stored on my phone. I have about 30 songs that I keep repeating when bored otherwise Spotify and Soundcloud have become my favorite now.

Whenever I hear someone talk of Soundcloud I wonder whats nice with the app apart from underground/upcoming music. My Favorite FREE music apps hulkshare, iamLmp, Datpiff, audiomack and mixcloud but since they updated their websites & now everything made available on web I no longer have their apps. Web is always better

If you’ve been following the forum at forum.powerampapp.com you’d know that the audio engine has not changed because people voted for looks rather than audio quality. There was a poll by the developer where he asked people to vote for what they’d like to see most in the next major update and (unfortunately) most people said they wanted material design for the app. Unfortunately that only caters to the appearance and animations etc. -which I love, by the way-.

Max (the developer) had a difficult time meeting those needs because he had to significantly change the app’s code. I think he said that such a significant change forced him to rebuild the app from the ground up. There are some aspects of the old alpha build that he told people to forget about in the new version because they couldn’t be implemented.

Anyways, the new alpha build is very incomplete but he said that the missing features will follow in quick succession now that the alpha build is out. I really like the looks and animations of this build but I will uninstall it and go back to the old alpha because of too many important functions that are currently missing. I’m sure it’ll be awesome once it’s a bit more complete.

I am not sure where you got this from but the first alpha version (Poweramp alpha-build-700) launched with a new audio engine.

It is literally the first thing mentioned in the changelog. This was back in 2016.


  • new audio engine

On the Poweramp v3 Discussion & Testing forum homepage, there are 2 pinned posts that mention Hi-Res audio support.

Unless you want a new audio engine with every new alpha release.

High resolution audio was only supported for a few devices and that was two years ago. Devices without dedicated DACs didn’t get much improvement in audio quality but it wasn’t bad to begin with so no complaints. What I needed was the developer to find a way to support more devices including less common brands.

I know about the alpha versions released in 2016 with high resolution audio support. Those were builds 700, 702, and 704. In this thread we’re talking about the latest alpha which is build 790. It was released on 30th April this year.

But build 790 (Builds 700+) is an alpha release for Poweramp v3 and v3 launched with a new audio engine.

All Max can do is improve on it. It would not make any sense to release a new audio engine for build 790.


The list is growing. I can see a lot of confirmation on the Hi-Res support thread.

I greatly dislike the new ‘material’ UI though. :grin:

Luckily, Poweramp supports themes. I cannot live with the stock UI.

The redesigned and updated Poweramp is now on the play store. Available via beta channel, sign up here.


This Beta is feature complete release. Few things are missing though, like incomplete translations

Changes (from Beta-preview):

• all Library categories + all the actions

• Dark Skin, Pro Buttons, Static Wave Seekbar

• Poweramp on lockscreen

• artist downloadable images

• Low Rated category

• improved headset button handling for Android 8.0+

• dynamic playlists (Recently Played, Top Rated, etc.) now can have more than 200 items as in v2

• settings were reorganized slightly

• and more

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