Power Backup - Hybrid Inverters Advice

I’m planning to set-up a power backup at home.

So, I’m still window shopping components.

I have come across these two hybrid inverters.

To experts in the house, why is one affordable and the other expensive?

I dont think so you’ll get a good advice here on this forum.

There’s not enough information from the two to decide which is better. Either one is overpriced or the other has exaggerated specs. But first you need to know the VA rating you need for your back-up inverter and the battery capacity that will work with it.

I imported a MPPT solar charge controller from AliExpress, ticked all the boxes. I installed it only to learn that it kind of used to hang whenever it suddenly got cloudy as the circuitry could not track the maximum power point. I bought a Bluesolar MPPT that cost 3X it and the performance has been great to date.
Moral of the story.
Avoid unknown brands or brands without specifications/certifications if you can. You trusting all your expensive gadgets to that sweet deal.
Visit Chloride Exide or Davis & Shirtliff.
Backup Inverters (davisandshirtliff.com)
Solar Power Inverters in Kenya, PV Inverters - Chloride Exide Ltd


Thanks for that.

Chloride Exide batteries have terrible reviews though.

Narrowing down on the components. Want to set up a simple system here in the City. See how it works and then go for a bigger system.

Both are fakes. A good 3kva hybrid inverter charger CANNOT cost less than 80K. Check victron products for this and you won’t go wrong.

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“Good” and pricing are relative. Cost does not necessarily translate to good product. It depends on how much trust a customer is willing to put on specific brand. There are many less known brands that cost significantly less (with positive reviews).

The bottom one is an 850W inverter not 3KVA. A deep search shows that that’s the price range for the 850W version regardless of brand.