Power Back Up on a Budget

I’m in the process of setting up a backup system to power my pc and entertainment system due to frequent blackouts. Been using a 75Ah lead acid battery but it’s only lasting 3hours on my PC. I know a deep cycle marine battery or Lithium power wall is the best solution but bruh, that’s a lot of money. I am thinking of getting a 200AH battery (tubular battery maybe) on a budget but we have so many brands in the market. Can anyone recommend an affordable battery that can serve me for a few years at least?

Have you tried Dayliff? For reliability on Pb-acid I’d get their products. But I’m sure others have different experiences. If only shipping Li-ion batteries wasn’t so complicated :frowning:

Haven’t tried Dayliff, I have seen someone mentioned having used their products. I think their batteries are not true deep cycles; more of hybrid marine cells. Been researching, now leaning more towards a tubular battery.

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I also need advice on backup. I need a good inverter 400W. I bought one 3 months ago and it’s already dead. Any referrals

I posted about power backup options a few weeks ago on this forum. Didn’t get much feedback but I have done lots of research about it. Yet to deploy the project as I’m still raising funds for now.

But here’s what you should consider:

Get a hybrid inverter. Most start at 600VA and cost around 15,000bob or more. With this gadget, you can hook it to your mains electricity, solar, and wind turbine for charging your batteries.

A 100AH deep cycle battery should get you up to 9 hours of power when using a 65-watt laptop. The cost ranges between 12,000bob ~ 15,000bob.

If you wish to include solar, Chloride Exide told me that I’ll need at least a 180-watt panel for every 100AH battery that’s on the system for it to charge optimally. A piece costs around 7,000bob.

Keep in mind that the more batteries you include (in parallel or in series connection) will determine the type of Hybrid Inverter that you should purchase.

A friend sent me this and told me that he bought it from Chloride Exide here in Nairobi. It includes an 850VA Homaya Hybrid Inverter, 100AH deep cycle battery, and a 180Watts solar panel. He paid 41,000bob for it. Powers his laptop and router for around 9-hours.

While cheap/affordable may be relative, good power backup systems are not cheap.


A follow up to this topic. I found a very good power backup calculator online by Luminous India.

You can use it to estimate your power requirements. It will suggest the type of battery and inverter that you need.


Doesn’t include solar panel though but you can follow what I have pointed above.

Another thing to note is that batteries come with different discharge ratings based on amp/hr discharge.

For example, if you find a battery rated 20AH/20HRS, it means it can discharge 1amp/hr for up to 20hrs. Another battery will have 20AH/10HRS, and this means it can comfortably discharge 2amps/hr for 10hrs.

The difference between the two is that the first one is designed for moderate use while the second one is for high power requirements. So if you discharge 2amps/hr on the first battery, it will degrade faster than the second battery because it’s not designed to comfortably handle discharge at a higher rating.

As such, the lesser the HRS rating on the battery the better. When it comes to brand, consider RITAR batteries though their price is so steep, almost double batteries of the same specs. I’m told that they’re more durable and come with a much higher warranty terms.


Other useful articles to help you determine your power backup setup are here:


Another update. Budget power backup that you may want to consider.

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