Posta to Become Amazon Logistics Partner

So it turns out Posta is trying to do something they needed to have done many years ago to ensure that they streamline that international shopping experience from Amazon. But this is initiated by Amazon with a tentative date of end of year to get this going.
What I hope this does is align the tax process, Posta has been a mess in inserting taxes that don’t make sense on products, and times double taxing.


Wow this is good news. They should also move expeditiously and consider partnering with Ebay and Alibaba/DHGate.

When it comes to taxes that is right. But it’s not just Posta. DHL is worse. They applied additional taxes only to learnt at Posta that the taxes imposed by DHL were applicable on goods above $300. Well, the item I shipped in via DHL was worth $30.

So taxes should be clear. However, there’s a workaround that requires you to go to Posta and speek to the overall tax officer. I think anakuaga mdosi hapo. Get information of the taxes you’re required to pay based on the item price that you have.

Have him write it down somewhere. So when you import that item ikifika you go back there at Posta with the calculations that he gave you. Ndiyo ukipata his juniors wakikataa unawashow waache and go back next day in the morning utampata.

However, I believe the arrangement will enable the buyer to know the total costs applicable. Posta should take on this opportunity with the new KQ direct flights to U.S. to lower shipping charges and allow Amazon to give the buyer a final calculation inclusive of tax, shipping, and clearance.

Posta can operate like Mall for Africa and chew on those commissions.


Why is Posta not engaging landlords and building owners to deploy their services via their addresses using dedicated address boxes located in those premises.The era of the post office is done,those structures should be renovated and repurposed into fast internet cybercafes offering all kinds of internet and postal services…E-commerce is where the money is for Posta but i feel they are missing the train on all these things…probably due to government bureaucracy.


This definitely is a step in the right direction fr a company that was on the verge of collapse but i wait to see how efficient and effective they will be ,also given that this is a govt body getting the deal customs duties and taxes will obviously be on the higher side, govt will leverage on this deal to collect as much taxes as possible to offset the Chinese debts .

Streamlining the calculation of taxes will be a major win coupled with Posta’s nationwide network.

Posta tried this once before and as I recall the entire project was a white elephant.

Also do cybercafes make sense in 2018? Even in mashinani it doesn’t work as a core business.

Oh this is huge. The market has been ripe for disruption and POSTA has always been a sleeping giant. This market has been taken over b the likes of Savostore and VituMob and POSTA has the ability to take this everywhere in the country. I like it.

POSTA Parcel rate for your information.
PARCEL-RATE-International.pdf (52.8 KB)

Yes, I do remember these. Back then they were very useful especially out in rural areas. Post offices aren’t going anywhere. No country in the world can operate without a postal network however much people think they are outdated, it’s just adapting them to survive.

They were dying off slowly but now they have become ecitizen hubs. People are just giving out their details at cyber cafes without a care in the world about privacy and security.

Cybercafes do still make sense still in rural areas and some not so urban areas of kenya…think mawingu project but for posta…Post Offices need to evolve into entities where govt services can be availed to all citizens at affordable rates…from internet access,library services,printing/scanning,data collection,information discemination and all that.

I remember City Square had a cybercafe but it wouldn’t compete with other cybers located a few steps away outside and inside of Kenya Polytechnic.

However, they now serve as Huduma Centers.


True, support services like ecitizen, scanning and printing keep them alive.

The contents of the Downloads folder in any cyber cafe are shocking.

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I took advantage of black friday 2017 and bought goods off amazon worth $700, Transportation, tax and everything included cost me around $190. I used a somali company tat i can vouch for 100%. I trusted them with my savings and they did not disappoint. I think the goods arrived in their Eastleigh warehouse within 2 weeks and nothing was damaged. If posta can beat that then i might consider using them. In the meantime. I am good


That must be African Salihiya and yes they are super reliable for overseas deliveries. I sometimes buy and ship electronics from Dubai through them. But like with the other “local” shipping firms, there is always that sense that they are creative in terms of customs and taxes.

Posta partnering up with a major player like Amazon can seriously eat into their business. They can undercut the competition on price because of their size.

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Which company did you use at the time …?

Man that Salihiya company is just the one, was in china they collected our goods from the hotel, they did the same in Dubai, they send someone to pickup your packages from anywhere , my colleague luggage got flagged because of the power banks he had a suitcase full worth about 200k, the airport guys told him they he would either have to miss the flight or have them disposed by the authority, he called the Somali guys and they picked the power banks before the flight left.
For posta they are doing fine even Jumia uses posta most of the time, speaking of jumia this competition right on their door steps , including the many Kenyan online shops, but those have what we would call overnight shipping through the buses eg I get lots of stuff online shipped through coast bus overnight, but amazon will beat them on price and variety

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Amazon already handles tax for items they ship to Kenya (If I am not interpreting it incorrectly). The deal will surely cover this.

You won’t be charged additional fees if the actual Import Fees exceed the Import Fees Deposit we estimated. For items sold by Amazon Marketplace sellers, please check the seller’s policies.

If the actual Import Fees are less than the Import Fees Deposit collected by us on your behalf, you’ll automatically be refunded the difference to the payment method you used for the order. You’ll receive a notification e-mail confirming the amount of the refund. The process takes 60 days from the shipment date.


actually no. Its not salahiya. I used Kenya Air Cargo.

This is the stuff i bought. I didn’t deal a single minute with the Kenyan government with tax related issues. The company offers you the service of transportation, tax and delivery. All you need to do is pay which is around an initial fee of $35 and $15 for every kg. My advice to you is to get a debit card that accepts dollars because The exchange rate conversion from KSH TO USD will cost you. I cant wait for black Friday again in November 24th. I have been saving for a while.

I have no experience with buying stuff from china but i can comfortably buy stuff from the US and the UK

You never paid any tax my friend. These Somalis have a way of evading taxes.

Tax 16% of $700
Duty 20% of $700
Railway Levy %1.5 of $700
GOK Tax 5,000bob for Goods exceeding $300
IDF Tax 5000 Bob for Goods exceeding $300

On the lower side you were supposed to pay at least $360 in taxes.

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