Port Forwarding on an ISP?

Hi Techies
I am trying to set up port forwarding for a service running on my Raspberry PI and enable remote access. My internet gateway is a 3G router connected to a Safaricom modem.

I just learnt that all ports are usually closed on mobile ISPs, and public IPs are dynamic.

I did call Safaricom and was told I would have to fork out a one-off fee of 10K for them to set up a business account for a VPN service with a static IP and open ports.

Does anyone know a work around to avoid paying the charges? What do guys who remotely access their IP camera do?


NB. From my location, there are no fiber options and Safaricom is the only stable mobile ISP

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HI romanov_1, the only option you have is to use a VPN tunnel to expose your Raspberry PI. How can you do it?

  1. Cheapest way for 5 USD / month is to get a VPS with vultr which of course comes with 1 static ip. They have a 768MB Ram Single Core VPS with a super fast 15 GB SSD. You can get an additional 50GB free by attaching block storage. - I use one personally for moving loads of gigabytes around the internet since it has crazy bandwidth or to download torrents which I can then have my own reliable download source. The setup process is in minutes after payment.
  2. Set up Windows 7 on it.
  3. Install Softether which is an incredible piece of software to make VPNs
  4. Configure Softether to allow VPN connections. Easiest way is to use l2tp/ipsec with the NAT option selected.
  5. On your Raspberry, make a VPN connection to your VPS. Your now virtually in a local network with your VPS.
  6. You can forward traffic on your VPS to your VPN, so that anyone who connects to your VPS IP will be forwarded through the VPS tunnel to your machine.