Popular Android Battery Widget App, Battery Widget Reborn, Available at Half the Price Today

There’s not much need for battery widget apps today than there was say two or three years ago but they are still good to have. I still use one, Battery Widget Reborn. I have used it for the last 3 years and it is still as awesome as ever. I like how it calculates how long till my battery is either fully charged or fully drained (Android only started doing that recently. Previously one had to rely on third party apps for such data). A few add-ons like a night mode that minimises battery consumption at set times of the day are nice to have as well. However, for an app you may not have much use for anyway, it usually costs a bit much - $2.25 for the premium/full version. Today it’s going for just a dollar or 56% cheaper. If you can, grab Battery Widget Reborn on the Play Store right away!