Poor GSM reception

I moved to some area along Eastern Bypass and the gsm reception is horrendous .Airtel is non existent when in the house and Safaricom is not good either .Is there a pocket friendly way /diy that i can use for now till the service providers improve the reception.
Faiba is also available but i had to place the 4G router in the ceiling space with some external antennas on the roof.

Nowadays while looking for a house to move in to apart from the kawaida criterias such as whether the house is located in a secure area, has full time water supply (borehole water is a plus coz enyewe kanjo are unreliable), uses token meters instead of bill meter, has ample parking space within its premises (sio kupark nje) and is easily accessible in both dry and wet seasons, mimi huangalia as a last resort how its network reception is by going to each room and making calls or browsing (speed tests comes in handy here) and ofcourse an added bonus is whether safaricom fibre iko area.


I might need to get myself a GSM repeater /booster . Locally the cheapest set to improve the signal is 18,000 but naona eBay Kuna some set on auction starting from 5000.

CCK/CAK had banned such, wonder if you will get it into the country. Should you succeed, also interested in getting dual band for rural setup.(LTE 800Mhz and 2G 900Mhz)

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Oops, which options do i have ?
I was thinking of getting this

The first thing I check is network reception atleast Safaricom 4G and Telkom 3G. I once lived in a beautiful place with no reception and it was depressing.


This is a hustle. Wewe hama tu. That place is not worth it.

Siwezi hama , ni pahali nimejenga .I would rather throw away Airtel SIM card and use Safaricom + Orange.Shida ni hakuna voice deal kama za unliminet on the others.

Telkom Holla

Telkom Holla is crap, “Voice Any Network Bundle” on the other hand is pure bliss, i use 1.5bob/min on that bundle :sunglasses: