[POLL] How often do you buy a new phone?

  • Once a year
  • Once every other year (2 years +)
  • When a new phone comes out that gets my attention
  • When I break or destroy my phone and need a new one
  • When my phone becomes seriously out of date

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Bought a phone in 2011 Dec. Bought another in 2016 Nov. When my phone get’s seriously out of date. But that might change soon. I might do it after two years. Not sure, but may be.

My big brother buys phones nearly after six months. One day we had an argument and I told him mbona usinunue tu S6+ mara moja just spend that 85K and have everything you need. That was the year S6 was the creme dela creme.

He argued and claimed yeye simu kama hiyo ya pesa mingi hawezi nunua. That is too much. Nikamshow acha tupige hesabu. This year umenunua simu mara tatu. S4 @36,000, some Sony I can’t remember @35,000 and some Nokia @26,000 all totaled to close to 100k. Nikamuuliza why waste yourself like that juu I’m sure next year utanunua simu zingine. He saw no sense in what I was talking about. :laughing: :laughing::smile:

I have a Lenovo A6000, it was one of the first affordable 4G phones 2 years ago, I don’t break phones that much or take photos so it’s still in good shape, can get 4G,good size no need for replacement.

My phones die after 2 years so I try time my replacement around flagship releases - S Line or the Note Series. Phones with 5" - 6" preferrable. On occasion I’ll replace sooner if they die sooner - wanted the Note 7 but my Lumia died when the S7 Edge came out, So replacing was paramount.

I’m a Samsung fan because I love their phone designs and am among the few who think TouchWiz (or whatever different name they call it each year) looks gold and works well.

Stock android is sharp, rigid and cold, feels tedious after a while. iOS is too plain and hasn’t really changed in 10 years so :unamused:

It’s now called the Grace UX. I’m a big fan of Samsung too.

Na vile watu wa iPhone believe that iPhone is the best phone in the world not knowing that without Android OEMs iPhone won’t exist. If Samsung goes under today, Apple iPhone division would find it hard to stay afloat.

Actually, they now call it Samsung Experience UI.


See what I mean? The name changes every year, kind of like how the lawfirm in Suits changes it’s name every season :rofl:

wewe achana na Suits, I love that show.

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Missed on that :grin::grin::grin:

Sasa imagine ya Note 7R iitwe Fire UX :fire::fire::fire:


Show has been getting stale in the last episodes. Too fast paced, it’s like they’re in a hurry.

For me, it depends on resources. Resources determine whether I need a new phone or not. At the same time, the availability of those resources will make me find reason to ditch my current phone and get a replacement.
All in all, this happens once every year. Or twice when God is on the wheel.

Hahaha… Fire UX sounds cool

Hii ni ukweli let me upload my first ever Samsung phone. Don’t ask how many years I used it. Bought second hand ikiwa 12K in great condition then msoto kicked in because at that time ilikua soma upate kazi.


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Talking of Note 7FE there’s rumours it be launching in July for around $650 which is way too expensive

Have you considered restoring it as a classic?

Yes I have but kuna battery terminal that broke lose. So it’s hardly unusable now but nitaona kama kuna fundi anaeza nichomea that terminal nitafute case and battery and restore it.

They have revised the figure to around $450 there but I’m sure by the time they hit the stores kuna watu watanunua waeke Ebay $1000.

There is an option missing on this poll:

When your phone has been stolen

Given how often it happens i’m surprised it was left out.

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There should be an option for when it’s stolen or lost and you can’t get it back

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What of outdated software?

@TeriWanderi@Makongo_Kiugu Haha! How many phones have you guys lost through theft? Nilidhani simu kuibiwa ni kama elections. (Every 4 years)

@fwosi That one is on the poll.

A similar poll was posted on Android Central last year. I got the choices from there.