Pocophone F1 Almost Won MKBHD's Camera Blind Test - Wait, What?

Yup. I know.

It’s the big story today.

The Pocophone beat the iPhone X and Note9 to make it to MKBHD’s Camera Blind Test finals… This is crazy like I don’t get it, it’s totally unfathomable and my brain is fried. I need an explanation!

On that note, I am totally getting my hands on that Pocophone and pitting it against the Note9 - Anyone know a great photographer who we can team up and run this test?

:joy::joy::joy: saw that… but I think most devices will perform well when there is enough light.

Hio blind test ni a good defination ya “never argue with fool, they will drag you down to their level and beat you” :rofl::rofl: Instagram compression dragged them down to same level.

Man, that blind test has really shaken things up. Especially since its coming from MKBHD. Xiaomi is having a field day!


iphone getting knocked out by blackberry haha, i was laughing, blind tests are fun

I actually expected this somehow, MKBHD is black. Most of those said good Cameras are terrible at capturing black faces as Jud said in the response section. It’s the reason Tecno and infinix zinapendwa na Africans. The bag test surprised me also… Pocophone :roll_eyes:.

This is true. I date a light skin (not a slayer though) and mimi mwenyewe nakaa exhaust pipe ya Isuzu TX.

Well, when we take photos and I point the autofocus on her, the photos become brighter and punchier. But when I point the autofocus on me, the photo output is a dull one.

I noticed the same when my brother attended an Ethiopian wedding and took a video with his Note 5. The hall was filled with 99.9% light skin men and women (him included) and ooh my ooh my.

The video was marvelous. But when I use the same phone on me or my A7 2016, wooi ni machos tu. I look like a sasquatch.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Wewe wacha ku-associate lightskin na “slay.”
Ati exhaust pipe ya…? :rofl::rofl:

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Tecno Camon series is your friend :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I remember posting about this phone back in September and people were so apprehensive about it. Unfortunately xiaomi kenya hasn’t brought in to the country yet which is a buzz kill. Avechi sells it but i dont trust them.’


Mi store Kenya also had them. You can trust mi store but at the moment it was out of stock. The official business number for mi store is +254722708373.

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Does this store have anything? i just called them to ask for the Mi Box S and they said it’s also not available smh

I was there they have alot especially cases, earphones, routers and some phones. They also only sell global versions that can be used in Kenya 4G networks as opposed to Avechi. Also note you can request a refurbished that may not be global versions.
Because of warranty, the devices they have on sale are the same as those xiaomi have on sale. You can track xiaomi Kenya then when they list a device buy from mi store and save some cash.

Well surprise surprise the lady from Mi Store tried to hustle me by quoting a price of 8,000/- on the Mi Box instead of the kawaida 7,500/- as stated on their website. On asking why her price was different from their website she went like, “oh pole price ilishuka its actually 7,500/-, kujia next week stock ikiingia”, na hivyo ndivyo nilihang simu

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That is business…hehe inakaa ni kama wewe si Mkenya :joy::joy::joy: Hiyo unanunua 7300.

I remember during the launch of one of the TECNO Camon 11, one of the chinese guys said that they have designed their phone to capture black skin well. A number of guys had an issue with this statement but its the truth. Most of these camera software are not designed to recognize black skin and adjust accordingly, they just assume black skin is a shadow and pump up HDR which is why some people appear darker.

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That’s the truth. Tecno really understand their target market and for ordinary people I always recommend the Camon smartphones hadi kidogo nafikiria kununua stock yangu ya Tecno nikiulizwa recommendation natoa kwa bag. In India they made their smartphones usable with oily hands.

More here https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/10/10/tech/tecno-phones-africa/index.html

But for anyone that is a little bit Tech oriented the Redmi Note 6 Pro (from 18th Dec) or Redmi Note 5 pro gets the nod.

Finally got them, bought two of them one for my myself and the other for a buddy. Can’t wait to go home and test mine out :slightly_smiling_face:, I realize this is the wrong thread for this post so for any follow up questions regarding the awesome Mi Box kindly post them in the Android Box Battle Royale thread

Hakuna mtu amenunua Pocophone bado atupashe?

Xiaomi Mi 8 64GB is now down to 38,000 and available while the Pocophone is 33,000 and unavailable.

I bought one as a birthday gift to someone. So I can answer any questions you may be having…