Please Tag Me or Help - Microsoft Office Genuine License

Hello guys,

There was a time people shared links on where to purchase cheap license keys for software such as Microsoft Office and Windows. I have searched for the post but I can’t find it. Can someone share the links please or tag me to that post.

I’ve tagged you somewhere.
Not sure it’s the correct thread.
See below.

"I trust Kinguin, bought these…

  • Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student Retail $21
  • and Windows 10 Home for $28

Activated both by phone on a Telkom number."

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Bought on Kinguin as well, so far legit.

Drop that link here for ease of tracing

Here you go,

You can choose different versions and include their Buyer Protection or not. I’m waiting for Office 2019

The Keys will be emailed and copy found in your account, just change the currency on the top-right.

Thank you… This is great

Are these keys really Legit …?!
How come they are sold way below the market rate …?!

I bought 3 keys from them, Win 10 Pro, Win 10 Home and Office 2016 which were activated by Microsoft via phone. So either pay a premium for the same, buy for lower to save a few coins or pirate and risk installing a backdoor.

If the choice was that simple, then why would people pay premium if they can buy lower …

I suspect these are student licenses, gifts, and corporate licenses. I still do have my Windows XP corporate license that you activate either via phone or the internet. I have lost count on the number of times I installed it on people’s devices at a fee.

Ulipata? Today I stumbled upon heywishlist(dot)com, most keys are $10 which I find too good to be true. Ama bei ya digital windows/office keys zilishuka?

That’s actually expensive. You can find for far much cheaper on Ebay. I have bought a few keys for $3.