Phone Software Update Alert

Xiaomi mi A3 ,January 2020 Security update.
Though I am disappointed that Android 10 is not yet available from Xiaomi.

What model are you on?
Some devices from Xiaomi have received the Android 10 upgrade

Mi a3

Xiaomi mi a3

Oh yeah. The A2 got the update but it’s full of bugs. The A3 is scheduled to get the OTA for Android 10 in February. Just be patient. Xiaomi delivers

Android 10 on Nokia 6.1


Android 10 plus December update Nokia 7 plus

Update Date Received: Jan, 2020
Phone Make/Model: Nokia 7 Plus, TA-1046
Phone YoM: Feb 2018
Android Version: 9
Update Received: Google Security Patch 2019-12, Android 10
Update Size: 1422.3MB
Changes: System Upgrade to Android 10

Oh, 2 weeks ago I got Android 10 with December security patch on Huawei Mate 20 pro.

For anyone using the Tecno Spark 3 Pro on Android 9, here’s a work-around to Tecno’s ‘early-release’ nonsense for Android 10 of the device.!fXwRGJaB!-eDEsHaa1hRzcekInfMrmFTie4dNT5c3ROp9Tnoydyc

Update Date Received: 22nd February 2020
Phone Make/Model: Samsung Galaxy S9+
Phone YoM: March 2018
Android Version: 10
Update Received: February 2020 Security Patch
Update Size: 162.28 MB
Changes: It’s a security update, no new features added

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Nice. Very nice.

Xiaomi a3

I told you Xiaomi delivers.

You guyz are lucky, my Sony Xperia XZ Premium two year update period ended last year now I’m stuck with Android 9.0 as at 13th Aug, 2019.

Also it has been reported that there’s bugs in this build. The upgrade has been halted for the time being.

I had already downloaded and installed the update .But first thing I did was reset the fingerprint data since I had already seen comment about that issue .I don’t have any problem for now .


Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite
Just got the update

LG G7, got last update in November 2019 of android 9, no news on 10. And Sony XZ is still getting updates ?? :sweat_smile:

The G7 will probably get Android 10 in Q3 or late Q2. LG is known for a sluggish pace in software development.