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I am about to buy a Samsung Galaxy M32 smartphone. It has a Mediatek Helio G80 processor and some really good specifications.

Please hold that thought because Samsung has launched even Galaxy A22 smartphone recently with the same Mediatek chipset. What do you think is better?

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Yeah, even that smartphone is good and it has the same Mediatek chipset but M32 is slightly more affordable.

Why aren’t you guys considering older flagships from 2019. I don’t think 5G will be a thing in kenya for at least 5 years

You ever heard the phrase “better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it”?
It’s currently where we are at right now in tech; nobody wants an older model, because one, HRR screens are a thing right now (2019 flagships bordered on 90Hz maybe at most, and had poor battery optimization on it), not to mention degraded batteries, and well 5G. :joy::tipping_hand_woman:t4:
I mean, there are adaptive 120Hz AMOLED screens and beefier batteries, better charging technologies, well, the only ace past flagships have is maybe “better” cameras? Even the software is lacklustre and they have little to no software support.
So better I have 5G and not need it, than not have it, then it becomes a thing before 2023, which is a safe bet to assume most buyers would expect devices they buy in the 2019 flagship price range would want to get to.

My two sense anyway.

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Oh, and dear sweet Lord, warranties!! :joy:

5G chipsets are not all about the network. For instance, Oppo Reno 6 5G has been launched in India with DImensity 900 chipset, but there is still no 5G network in India. However, the 6nm size of the chipset and the better CPU specs make it a good option.

Tecno recently brought the Tecno Camon 17 Pro smartphone with Helio G95 chipset and I think this is a wonderful option in mid-range.

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I see your argument. However, From experience, third world countries don’t access the warranty and return benefits like in first world.
Naonanga pale YouTube reviewers wakisema ati they will return a product since it doesn’t live up to expectations.
Kanairo return policies and warranties mean very little. Jumia refused to replace a new Acer machine I bought from them a few years ago. They insisted that we wait for a replacement part to be shipped. They wouldn’t refund either. I waited 2 months.
In CBD I only trust Saruk.

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Poco F3 down to 35K, Poco M3 15k for 128Gb version. Prices :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:


The Poco X3 Pro too is down to 30K for the 256gb, very enticing


Samsung actually honor warranties. 2 months ago my a70 started acting up and kept rebooting while charging. I took it to their repair centre and they basically replaced everything else apart from the frame and the back, free of charge. Mind you it was the last day of my warranty. Phone feels like new again

Yeah, True… They came and Replaced my Brother’s TV free of charge when the Unit he bought started developing problems…

Was pleasantly surprised

My experience with them was bad. They said a Galaxy Note 5 I had that did not connect to 2G and 3G was couldn’t be repaired because it was a fault with a number of devices. I wanted to pay because it was out of warranty.

I have had Xiaomi replace a screen free of charge while under warranty in one week after it became faulty.

Infinix in 2019 gave me a new phone after the phone I had bought from them bricked. It took 3 months and several threats.

Which shop specifically? I am looking to pick up s20FE in a few months and want the peace of mind for once. I would rather pay slightly more for good aftersales…

I bought the phone in Nairobi, one of these phone resellers. The servicing was done in kisumu. From what I understand, so long as the phone is for the african market, the warranty should be valid in any service centre

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I bought an S9+ in town back in 2018 for a relative from those guys and specifically asked for the version for our region. It cost a bit more than the one he advertised, I was to say UAE region, but it came clutch when it had a screen issue. Samsung service pale Hilton replaced the screen for free under warranty

Blame the government’s way of handling consumer complaints and satisfaction. If government cared and had strict rules, returns would be popular

Yeah, actually even Tecno Camon 17 is a good option in the series and has a powerful Helio G85 chipset with a powerful camera.

Hii deal ya 15 iko wapi. On jumia 15k is the 64gb variant