Phone Recommendation

Am looking for Recommendations for a Budget (Value for Money) Phone:

  1. Budget: <30k

  2. Good Build Quality

  3. Screen resolution: at least 400 PPI

  4. Battery: Fast Charging a must & 4000mAh minimum

  5. Camera: Minimum of 16 MP back sensor and 8MP front sensor

  6. Performance: 4G modem a must, 3GB+32GB RAM & ROM, 2.0 GHz octa-core processor minimum (Snapdragon not a must)

  7. OS: Android 9, preferably with future upgrade potential

  8. Year of Manufacture: 2018 and post years

  9. Headphone Jack: a must

You should check Redmi Note 8 pro once.
It’s totally in your budget and has all the functions specified by you.


Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite

  1. Price 26-30K

  2. Good quality build

  3. 403 ppi density

  4. Fast charging. 4030 mAh

  5. 48MP back camera/ 8MP uw/ 2MP depth. 32MP selfie camera

  6. 4G (includes faiba frequency), 6GB RAM 64GB/128GB ROM. SDM710 Snapdragon

  7. Android 9 (could be updated to android 10 first quarter of 2020)

  8. Year of manufacture Sep 2019

  9. Headphone jack available.

This ticks all your requirements imo.


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My main Recommendation and the best value for money is Redmi Note 8 for 21,000 you cant get the 128GB Version. (15,500 for the 32GB version which is not enough in 2019). This will save you 9000 from your budget. 31,000 will get you the Xiaomi Mi 9T 64GB while 128GB is 32000.

Available here



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Get any Mi family device, the RedMis, Xiaomi, or preferably a Nokia device on the Android One platform. Don’t settle for any Transsion device (Tecno & Infinix); they are trash and a waste of money.

Try the UmiDigi F2. It’s available through Gearbest and they’ll ship it to you through Jumia.

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