Phone Call Conferencing cheapest options?

So because of this whole COVID pandemic, I’ve been hosting calls but the cost is a challenge. I’m currently on Airtel and I subscribe to the Tubonge and add about 5 or 6 guys (can’t remember what my phone’s limit is). Of course Airtel being Airtel network is crap but at least while I’ve subscribed to the offer I’m not charged more than ten shillings for 100min irregardless of how many people I’ve hosted. What I’m wondering though is there a cheaper better option? Are there offers that Safaricom or Telkom have that would work for call conferencing?

Airtel has the lowest tariff for calls. However, if you’ve like 10K a month to spend, Safaricom has unlimited calls on their top tier post paid plan.


:fist_right:t2: Thanks for opening my eyes to this use case, kesho nanunua line ya airtel, terrible network be damned.

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