PesaPal mobile app

Has anyone tried the newly launched PesaPal application? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for starting this up. I downloaded it yesterday and I am yet to find a bill to pay with. I should start with paying for electricity later today and maybe paying for my internet connection in a few days. I will give my feedback.

I have an existing Pesapal account and was surprised that there’s no way of linking to an existing account (meaning you can’t have your data like transaction history, scheduled bills etc) you have to create a duplicate account. Quite useless especially for those who prefer to use Pesapal e-wallet(balance). I am honestly surprised that the developers did not consider this to be important yet its the norm when you are building an app for a service that already exists on a different platform and has active users. Culture of kienyejism, i guess. However if you are new to Pesapal or do not care to have the data on web and mobile synced then its a good app.

I just tested and downloaded it.Bought airtime and i experienced the speed with the new app.I tried making a bill payment and i realized they also validate your account incase you enter a wrong account which to me as a user i find it an elegant solution.

Played also with their ticket and food option on the app so i look to try the food section this weekend and rate the service. :slight_smile:

The part i noticed is my existing ewallet account is not able to login but upon confirmation,i was told that soon we will be able to login using existing pesapal account.I think its a good start which am sure they will listen to the feedback.

I was about to download but won’t do it. Duplicate account is a fail.

Been using it for the last few months now and i think they are doing a great job.I have switched from purely using 220220 paybill.I am now using the app for all airtime and bill payment services.The only challenge i had was when i am buying tokens and the number i entered to receive the token is away from me i had trouble since i had to go to the other phone to get the token number but right now i have just realized they are also sending the token number as a notification immediately i buy kplc tokens.So far i can think of the convenience they have given to me as a user.I don’t know whats your experience with the app so far .