People are very cynical about Windows 10

So I stumbled upon this tweet of a guy who deliberately downloads torrents to see what malware is installed in them, and he wasn’t surprised.

What interested me is that alongside comments that people should not be cheap and spend money on legit software, some were cynic about Windows 10 being the malware.

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But Windows is so expensive. I wouldn’t blame anyone for trying to get a workaround.

The best alternative to Windows is Linux – why risk a malware-loaded illegal version of a software when you can legally use Linux for free.

…And the choices of distro pretty much allows you to get the desktop you want out-of-the-box - there’s even one (ElementaryOS, IIRC) which mimics Windows visually - if that’s your ‘thing’.


My problem with Linux has always been usability. Windows is very friendly (both visually and functionally) and I am yet to find Linux system that will offer me similar experience. Inlcuding getting all my softwares on board.


guys can join the insider program for free and get a free digital license

I downloaded a free version of Winrar a couple of weeks ago and my laptop went beserk. It started running the CPU and disk at 100% with just an excel sheet running. I had to uninstall then buy genuine Karspesky and run a full scan. I will never make that mistake again

you could have just stopped background services and watch that CPU and disk usage plummet to below 50%

While the average user will take a long time to start taking paying for software seriously, at least we’re headed somewhere. As more become aware of what’s at stake when you use pirated software through and through, quite a number will slowly transition to paying for it when they can. While Windows may be out of the reach of many locally, how many make sure they don’t deny developers their keep and support the work they do for apps they can actually afford to pay for? I mean you’ll find guys pirating an app that costs at most Kshs 300 but still want quality and expect to stay away from malware when they install the cracked version of the app from dubious sources. It should be a lesson to all. When you can afford software, buy it. Buying genuine software doesn’t guarantee you any security but for most users it keeps a lot of stuff out of the door which is a good start.

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I have been an advocate of FOSS ( Free and Open Source) Software for 40 years - long before it was known as such, and became a ‘movement’. There is now so much first class open source software available, yet it has become the mindset that software must be paid for (or pirated)! Yet in fact, many of the open source ‘alternatives’ are better than the paid-for software that is pirated! I have no problem working on a day-to-day basis with 100% free, open source software.


Examples of open source software better than paid…

I’ll assume you mean better and not cheaper.

For a start the entire Internet backbone runs on FOSS. The best dbms’s, web servers, the great and mighty Linux kernel are all leaders in their class.

Outside of a very few specialised applications like Adobe’s Creative Suite, FOSS has its paid and closed source competitors beaten for quality.

Put it this way, you are most likely to be reading this on an Android phone on a Chrome browser (or a clone like Opera, Samsung Internet). Those two products wouldn’t exist without the Linux kernel and Chromium.

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I get the point. Was hopping more along the lines of Free app A is better than paid App B… its comon knowlegde linux is free, not as popular as windows

A couple of easy examples.

Apache web server/ Nginx > Microsoft IIS
Firefox/ Chromium > Safari/ Edge/ IE
VLC/ MPV > Windows Media Player

In the consumer market then yes but when setting up servers then Linux is king.

And I could even make a convincing case that Windows as a consumer OS hasn’t been the best in years. There’s no true professional edition in Windows 10, updates are broken and the amount of data Micro$oft collects is a big no-no.

So for average to power users, this currently holds true:

Ubuntu/ Mint > Windows

Okay. I get you. Though the examples u gave apply to IT guys - Apache, MySQL, Servers… Some of us cant relate… I thought widows media player is bundled with windows anyway and not sold separately. Yes, windows is broken but ultimately its more user friendly than Linux… Some otherwise simple tasks require one to be proficient in the use of Command Prompt or its equivalent in Linux.
Windows is way easier to use and comes bundled with some useful apps.
At the moment am running the following craked softwares; Autocad, Civil 3D, Autodesk Steel/ Concrete/Bridge, Revit, Prokon, Masterseries, Internet Download Manager, Global Mapper, ArcGIS Desktop, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Office 2016, Project 2016, Visio 2016, Ashampoo, WaterGems, Easus Data Recovery, QuickBooks …

I’d be happy if u can point me to better performing free apps to replace the above…

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The moment such will be available on Linux, I’ll permanently switch!

This hasn’t been true in years. Linux operating systems handle tasks like updates and installation much easier than Windows.

Again not true. I challenge you to cite even one example.

And irrespective of your system, working from a terminal is much faster and more convenient than any GUI ever will be.

Ubuntu fresh out of the box does the same. And you don’t even have to mess around looking for drivers.


These are the few that I know.

Blender > Autocad
youtube-dl/ Free Download Manager > IDM
TeX > Adobe Acrobat
Apache OFBiz > Quickbooks
Brasero > Ashampoo (people still burn dvds?)

Libre Office has achieved feature parity with the entire M$ Office suite but I will concede Microsoft still have a better product.

As a bonus, Wine supports a lot of Windows only applications. Steam are even bringing support for Windows only games to Linux.


Been using Ubuntu for close to 7 years now. The only thing I miss in Misri is MS Office products.

Office 365 and you are sorted.

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