Peer to Peer Lending: Ubapesa

What are your thoughts on peer to peer lending? Have you tried the Ubapesa app? Let’s discuss.

I honestly don’t like ‘playing’ with lending for the sake of trying.

You are making money on it.(EDIT: I don’t know whether you are going to make a profit. That’s what i want to know.)

I know people who have tried P2P lending, but not on Ubapesa. There is a p2p called Wakala ( that is accessible via USSD code *680# and a few friends are getting return on investment. But with this one you have an option of making more by becoming an agent and lending the money on the platform yourself.

Difference with non-P2P is that this one is trust based on who you know, so you can start borrowing at 20k.

I think I will try these peer to peer lendings. Last year between Aug and Dec I made enough dough for a roundtrip to coast via the airport by ending money to friends I trust. It could be a thing eventually.

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Now you can “formalise” the lending.

Try Wakala, accessible via *680#, fully operates via USSD and Mpesa.


Just installed Ubapesa. I’m trying it out for lending purposes.

share your experience and its Advantages & Disadvantages.

Can you vouch for these guys ama its another scam?

Yes I can, they are known to me personally and I use it when I need to. Used it 4 times now.

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Just noticed there’s a spike on guys requesting for loans. seems most are revellers, looking for beer money.

Last year pia niliona another one called pesapata also accessible via ussd *269# sikupay any attention to it only to check someone frm a fb group implemented the idea n started the biz with 5k (float) .She was telling me the biz is good she added 10k .What i hated about pesapata ni high interest rate ukikopa 2k unarudisha na mia sita .AM Very eager to try ubapesa i like their idea plus wamekam na hype .actually this how banks works wanachukua pesa yako wanatengeza profit nayo na hawakupei kitu mzuri end mnth

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A while back I put some cash in Ubapesa
Ksh. 5,000 for 30 days
Return 276.25


Some ninja has deposited one million for loans. This could be laundering according to my peasant thinking.


That could be the case

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You are not wrong :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

I’ve suffered a second default. First and second totalling to about 1350/=.

Who are you lending to? I’ve never had a default.