Payment Integration in an App, what Options are there to consider?

Hello all. We want a solution that allows our clients(particularly those in the diaspora) to directly fund their trading accounts and also request payments without our intervention.

FTFY mate.

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I’m not a developer buddy.Edit: The question is not how(we have developers for that). The question is which solution works best for diaspora remittances. We want a fully automated process-client funds the account and funds reflect in the account without our intervention. They should be able to request payment and funds are directly remitted to their accounts.

:joy::joy::joy::man_facepalming: @SamuelN hapa itabidi umejikaza tu :cry:

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That’s somehow even worse. Send some money to the Techweez burgers and beer fund, then we’ll hook you up for your lazy developers.

On a more serious note, if you seek help then don’t be so vague with your query. You want free advice and yet you make it difficult for us to understand your challenge.

What i provided was just a conversation starter. I would have provided more details as the discussion moves along.

I’m not asking for development help. I’m not a developer, we’ll source developers elsewhere. What i’m asking is are there solutions that we can integrate in our app that would enable those living abroad to make payments to us or receive payments from us. For the locals, we are looking at MPESA, but are also open to other solutions.

Consider Braintree (formally paypal checkout). They have a well supported SDK.

You are being harsh on the gentleman. Let’s be helpful to each other. He needs the knowledge to make a decision.


You can maybe jenga your app using Jenga :sunglasses:. It’s a recent spinoff of Equity group looking to become Africas Braintree/Stripe.

Great! Let me check it out.

For Mpesa,can provide you option for disbursing and receiving here locally

PM with your contacts.

@SamuelN done.

What kind of clients is he dealing with? What volume of business? Between him and his entire team of developers, no one had even one suggestion?

Let’s be honest with ourselves. OP wants help with his homework and I stand by my point.

Again…not a developer.

FTFY again.

Whatever you say sir.

One reason you might be getting backlash here is that your ‘developers’ should know which payment methods work best for your target market. Conduct some beginner research then narrow it down to a list and ask members here on their experiences with said options.

The Product Manager should have done some sort of launch analysis or ‘app therapy’ together with:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Customer Care
  • Developers

This is a valid question/point. If you don’t have the basics from these team members - or someone with these qualifications - then you might have bigger concerns than payment integrations.

That said, let’s see what options there are here:

Identify The Market

Kenya, Nigeria & South Africa are the ones to consider in your first wave - ready infrastructure, aware clients & market that equals proof of concept.

Identify The Platforms

Some major players on the continent (in order of size) are:
Cellulant (Kenya, Nigeria, 10-12 other African Countries)
Africa’s Talking (Kenya, 8 other African Countries)
Paystack (Nigeria, US)

Each platform has internal developers with a combined experience of most programming languages used in each market so feature segmentation would be key - think how Taxify/Uber had to add cash payments for India & Africa Markets only

Each platform also has relationships with major banks & telcos so that makes your devs work easier (maybe even redundant in the long run) so no integrating with each provider in each market separately

Business Support

Quality of the platforms legal team (where is the financial data stored? GVT compliance?), customer support (alerting your customers to local issues impacting business performance), customer success (identifying your use cases and recommending partnerships with complimenting businesses), marketing (some platforms will get you featured in blogs or podcasts to increase your awareness) … etc …


Who else is successfully handling trading online and what are they using? An example is Abacus, whose users invest in markets across the continent. What about FIAT-Crypto conversion & trading services like BitPesa, what are they using?


List each with its merits & tradeoffs
Cellulant (Widest Network, Longest Vetting Process [Company leadership must vet your business model/practices first])
Africa’s Talking (Simplest Integration [their API is rumoured to only have 4 lines of code]; Available in fewer countries for now)
Paystack (Industry leader Support [Stripe recently invested part of the $8M series A funding]; Focused in Nigeria for now)

Without knowing more about your business, there could be many other factors to consider, and that’s why asking which method of payment integration is ‘best’ is a more detailed exercise that’s challenging to narrow down to just one sentence/answer.


A vague question may have its merits when protecting your idea in a copy-cat market like Kenya so it’s understandable why you’d want to play this close to the vest. Consider doing yourself a favour and find a techie/analyst that you can trust, do your due diligence on them, have them sign an NDA/non-compete, book an advisory session (about 4 hours) and pay the consulting Fee (KES 5K - 100K depending on skill & projected value of advice). It may just save you more time & money down the road.