Password Managers' vulnerabilities, Do we go back to doing it the old way?

If you live not close to a rock, you would know that passwords are a very big problem for users. We all have tens of websites and apps that need our passwords. Many end up replicating passwords accross websites since they find it hard to get complex passwords that cannot be easily guessed and also have one for each.

Thus the reason many use password managers. But are they safe? Sometime mid last year, the most prominent password manager Lastpass got hacked, and of course this meant getting compromised. The same service now faces a phishing attack that this time tricks users into giving up access by way of email and 2 factor authentication.

Knowing well that it doesn’t end there. is it time we took a pause with them password managers and waited for these services to implement password-less access in the large scale?

I think this is a big problem. Many of tech leading companies are working towards a password killer. checkout . Project Abacus by google. What I think would be practical though, is authentication through bio-metrics as implemented by apple.

Haven’t heard yet of the challenge that has, many mobile phone OEMs have that set up. But it’s come up that some of them were actually storing the fingerprint data in a format that can be accessed. And that’s beyond the user.

I think there are two problems here:
The problem of security cannot be easily solved, (-If its stored in as server, then it will be hacked) . project abacus is heading in the right direction when solving this problem.

The problem of multiple passwords though can be solved immediately by finger print scanning. Of course they need to be stored in encrypted formats and the OEMs need to be less negligent. What are your views on finger print scanning as as solution to the multiple password problem?