Passing on domains because we want to appear global

I was having a chat with a friend on why they wouldn’t consider a domain for their business which sells to Kenyan businesses. This is a conversation that has been around for some time. Ranges from trust where in some cases domains have been said to be shut down and lack the guarantees that come with owning a domain.

But my friend’s concern was that the domain misses some branding marks and is not much appreciated outside Kenyan borders, especially Tanzania who’s citizens are known to have some disdain for Kenyans and Kenyan business. Thus they prefer a .com or a .net for them to trade internationally.

The domain brand clearly needs work.

I was of the same opinion a few years ago until I came to the realization that visitors to websites don’t really care whether a domain is .com, .net, or whatever. They only care about the information contained therein and whether its trustworthy. That’s it.


I second Wamathai on this. Plus as long as you have some good SEO and backlinks to other sites you are very well ranked at the top so its easy to be discovered.

The problem with .com domains is that most common names are incredibly expensive and you can get this for about Kshs 500 from a local Kenic registered provider like Safaricom :stuck_out_tongue:

I would not trust domain because Kenic is fully controlled by government. If you remember, it was shut down by Kenic, I recorded what I was told by my registrar, you can listen here. Also check it’s registered by kenic.

Apart from the non-independence from the government, I think they are OK.

@kipropesque Glad to meet you.

You’ve brought about a very big topic, censorship which is quite interesting to say. I think the same applies to .com domains but I am not sure.

Hahahaha…That stuff made my day :joy: