Owl bundle from Telkom

Has anyone tried the owl bundle from Telkom?? Is it worth sacrificing my sleep😂??

Yap, twice. Speeds are good.

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Aha! Finally, I was looking forward to finding a night own who would give us information on the experience.

It’s definitely worth the sacrifice. It’s off peak period and the speeds are great, or you could just leave your files on download and go to sleep. 5gigs for 40bob is very generous.

haha i just leave stuff downloading on my the download manager and set the screen not to sleep to prevent the downloads from stopping, speeds top out at 1.2Mbps on 3G

I’m definitely going to get this bundle :joy::joy:5gb is no joke :raised_hands:

I tried it yesterday and it’s great. I exhausted the entire bundle with time to spare. Speed averaged about 15Mbps with peaks of high 30’s for a few minutes at a time (BitTorrent stats). But use it while you still can. This bundle is too cheap and once torrent freaks get wind of this offer, the reliability of the Telkom network at night will take a nosedive.

for me i have to sleep and leave things crawling at 3G speeds no 4G in my area hata nikiwa nje ya nyumba 4G cant keep a connection for 3 seconds

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telkom 4G finally available kwa mtaa finished the night owl in less than 2hours


@Nezitic App gani hiyo inakaa kama Terrarium?

Ni Advanced download manager

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If you already have a monthly bundle active and then you buy this night owl bundle…which bundle will Telkom deduct from first?

Its automatic I think if am not wrong, utasiaga Night Owl kwanza because its scheduled to expire earlier than the monthly subscription.

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