Orange is the New Black is out, not in most ideal of ways

So Orange is the New Black is a few months from being officially released. Yet it’s out. Hackers for a hold of it, tried extorting Netflix for a ‘modest’ sum, Netflix didn’t yield and they outed the first ten episodes. And they threaten ABC and Fox next. This sounds like a movie. Wait, it is.


I wish the guy got Justice League or Thor: Ragnarock.:disappointed:

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I may have been living under a rock, haven’t watched this but now I’ll start from Season Five backwards.

Please don’t. When season 5 of Prison break came out, I realized I had watched so little of the previous episodes, I started afresh and now I’m halfway through Season 2. And it’s as exciting as I was watching it for the first time. Watch it from Sn 01, you will enjoy it with no spoilers like I did with Game of Thrones.

Great advice, I’ll definitely start from the beginning.