Oracle Cloud free tier

Has anyone here managed to signup for Oracle Cloud free tier. I have tried two debit cards (NCBA and Equity), the 1 dollar for verification is deducted but the signup process fails with “Error processing transaction.”

Have you contacted their support team?

Some service providers A) don’t accept prepaid cards and B) don’t accept non-US and non-EU cards. If it’s only B, some service providers can be accommodating, or they might recommend a different payment method.

I did try to sign up but could’nr get through. But there was no deduction from my account.

The 1 dollar deduction is reversed, its for verification.

I contacted both Oracle and the banks and were not helpful. Anyway I found a cheap server on lowendtalk.

You need to have at least $30 in your card. The first $1 is for age verification. From there it takes around 10 ~ 60 minutes for the second verification to check if your account has money or you’re just a random spammer. It usually pings anywhere between $10 ~ $30 before returning it to your account instantly.

I managed to get one but the server is ARM-based. The software that I use are not ARM-compatible at the moment. Also note that Oracle can reclaim the resources at any moment without notice. The server is great for experiments.

I used an NCBA Loop card. That’s almost a year ago. Once you use one card, chances are it will fail if you try to use it again. So, you need a different card, register a different account, and give it another try. It was hectic until an online friend that I have in India, advised me about it.

Contabo, Hetzner, NetCup etc. All have cheap servers.

The bureaucracy there is terrible. They have live support on their Oracle Cloud website. But those guys will tell that they’re not responsible for handling Oracle Cloud issues and will refer you to other guys. And you’ll get referred to another team. That will also refer you to another team. And eventually, you’ll be redirected back to the first team. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


I don’t remember anything above 1$ being charged and then refunded …I do remember some time delay with the account and/or domain being created …

@deewinc Important to phrase and note these are resources you created under the free trial period(with 300$ in credits) and don’t fall under free tier. They’ll be reclaimed and data or content you had created will be available for the next ~ 1 month if you don’t upgrade your account. Finally, your account is limited to Always Free unless you upgrade it …

Your access is limited to Always Free Services only. Your Always Free resources will remain available to you as long as you actively use your account. Your other resources will be reclaimed unless you upgrade to a paid account.

As noted from the #links below and screenshot above, it’s not just one instance but can be several both #x86 and #ARM. It’s important to choose your home region carefully as capacity, availability will vary and crucially latency for your servers … Also see best practices setting up your tenancy.

As with all other cloud providers create a budget, enable alerts and use tags where applicable. It might be cumbersome and “another thing” to learn but do define your infra as code(#IaC) using #Terraform and refrain from ad-hoc launching of resources… it’s good for both auditing resources you’ve launched and learning automation.

Lastly a shout-out to also #GCP Free Tier → Google Cloud Free Program though an egress of 1GB per day on compute is crippling…


Always Free Resources: Free Tier Docs → Always Free Resources
FAQs on Free Tier → FAQ on Oracle's Cloud Free Tier
Best Practices on Setting Up Tenancy → Learn Best Practices for Setting Up Your Tenancy
Budgets → Managing Budgets
GCP Free Tier → Google Cloud Free Program

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Here’s one of those follow up deductions that was declined due to a low account balance.

Yes, it’s always free but there’s a clause somewhere that states Oracle can reclaim those resources. I’m away from my machine but will look for it.

At the time I signed up only ARM servers were available for free. Even on the company’s homepage, only ARM servers were listed as available on the free tier before I signed up.

Interesting to see AMD included on the free-tier. Will check my account tomorrow. It’s been long since I last used it.

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