OPPO Kenya in Trouble Over Alleged Employee Harassment

Things are not looking good for OPPO, especially in matters PR. If you’re on twitter, chances are you have come across the trending hashtag #ShameOnOPPOKenya.

Apparently, the company’s country manager has been accused of verbally harassing employees and there’s even a leaked audio as “proof”.

Over on the blog, I ran a story that has more information.

While we’re here, I’d like to know your opinion, what do you think about the whole situation? Have you been in such a position before?

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It’s simple, you don’t like the working conditions, you walk. I used to work under very hard circumstances, and I had to take it because I needed something from them.

A lot of workers have gone through situations like this and worse. By recording a private convo and exposing an employer, will not hurt them. Will I employ someone who records and leaks information?(No matter the context?)

Chinese don’t play, they are not Indians we are used to.

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I once worked on a project involving the perception of the Asians towards African employees (by ZTE and Huawei). I came across a research which indicated that these Chinese corporations would rather hire expatriates from China for more sensitive operations in Africa instead of the locals. Reason? Because Africans are slow to executing their operations and are less capable of working under pressure. I don’t know how valid this research is, but you guys can look around and confirm whether its true. (The word used was “they are lazy,” I was just trying to be nice :grin::grin:)

This is what I did in 2014. It was my first stint as an employee and I walked out after 3 months. Hata mshahara mdosi alituma nusu of which is not entitled to any. I was fed up. Kelele and working beyond working hours na bado upokee kelele mingi.

I don’t support snitching on an employer.

This must be true. I have witnessed the Outering Road built to a superhighway and I can tell you that China man work hard hard. China man no play.

I love their work ethics. One supervisor (who even doubles up as a laborer) and a bunch of laborers (With Indians it’s the opposite). The only person that I noticed was somehow superior than the rest was the surveyor.

To support your study, I saw China man use locals to hoist parts of the road bridges using cranes and China man was not happy. The guy would often lose his mind and quarrel the guys in Chinese for failing to adhere to instructions.

Keep in mind the guy is talking and Chinese and the task was not easy at all. After a while I noticed that China man used fellow China man to hoist the parts for the road bridges. Wakenya wakatolewa kwa hiyo task kabisa.


Who else has read this in a Chinese accent :smiley:


That was the intention :joy::joy::joy:

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