OPPO Find X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Bring In The Questions

So straight to the point, for the past few days, I have had both the OPPO Find X and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Both phones retail at around the same price but offer totally different experiences.

I will explain in detail the difference between the two later, for now, I want to know what you guys are curious about these two phones before you make the decision to go with either…

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Between the two which one feels more fragile considering the fact that one has moving parts…

I am not going to ask you any question for now but I’d love you to explain shortly the experience of oppo Find X.
Samsung features have been the same ever since… nothing new from their other high end phones

Compare performance and battery life

How long does the Note 9 battery last?

Is it possible to have a screen protector on the galaxy note 8 or any high end samsung(galaxy s8 and s9)?

The Find X is more fragile but it’s actually the more appealing one. The Note9 feels like a square slab with huge bezels next to the Find X.


Designwise, beautiful. Nothing short of that. Let no one else convince you that the OPPO falls short when it comes to having a great design. Software sucks, so I have Nova launcher, same case with the Note9 but the Note9’s software is much better.


Without running tests, OPPO wins on performance. You just can’t miss the power of 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 845. It’s superb! I will run benchmark tests to back this up or prove me wrong.

Battery life goes to the Note9. That extra capacity goes a long way but only in FHD+ mode.


sijui kama ni mikono za watu ndogo i held the note 9 and it didn’t feel big as reviewers say or maybe am just used to big phones, though my current daily driver is giving me hardtime typing

All those google searches for ‘Illuminati’ kumbe ni wewe walikuwa wanakutafuta…


Is it the OPPO Find X lamborghini version?

No. This is just the standard version.

Bloatware - is Samsung still king?

how many accidental presses on the bixby key

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Guys, thanks for the questions. Video coming up the following week.

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