OPPO A93 - compatible with faiba sim card?

Can I use Faiba SIM Card on OPPO A93 for both data and voice?

This device does not support band 28, Faiba’s 4G band. Ama gsmarena has forgoten to indicate that? :thinking:

I don’t think GSMArena could forget​:joy:.
It doesn’t support Faiba’s 4G band


gsmarena isn’t always right, in this screenshot from TechTrends Ke unboxing video you can see band 28 on the box


Could be that there are different versions of the device. The international one (launched in Kenya just a couple of days ago) could support band 28. The one reviewed by GSMArena could be another model.


True, can’t believe I missed that, it supports VoLTE but not on band 28 makes it incompatible to faiba SIM

OPPO A93 supports Faiba 4G. At least for data as far as I know.

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