Opera Mini Browser

Opera Mini is a very popular browser especially among the youth in Kenya. They have just started what looks like a marketing campaign in Kenya (with a tvc and some radios). How many here use it? Would you recommend it? Do you believe it consumes less data?

Majority of forum users here don’t, I believe. Because this forum is a web app(Ruby code), and can’t load on Opera Mini.
But yes majority of Kenya uses Opera mini, and that’s a problem for us on the main site because of the Javascript we use to serve many things, including the front end that’s not exactly synchronous.

I cannot remember the last time I used Opera Mini. I feel like it is too agressive and takes away from the experience one would have with other browsers such as Chrome.

Regarding consuming less data, yes it does but to me, the difference is not worth it.

Personally, I never use it. I really don’t like that people use opera mini…i get that it saves on data and everyone has different economic realities (and for some bundles are a luxury), but as mentioned above it takes away from the experience of a good website. Maybe it’s unrelated, but there aren’t many Kenyan mobile sites that I think look good, maybe because people won’t see them anyway because they are on opera mini.

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Tried it once and it was a lacklustre experience. Rich app environments are crucial for people with smartphones, and I fail in seeing how one would buy a flagship phone then cheapen their experience using Opera Mini.How do you justify using Opera Mini on the Galaxy S8+ or LG G6?

Opera is very popular amongst techno users and those on the daily bundle plan. Just glance at commutes in public transport and you’ll have some idea. One would need access to google data/telco data to get exact numbers…

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Yaani, you hate Tecno * that much that you can’t even spell it right…

No way we are escaping this, now they are setting up a local presence.

Hahaha… I should change that autocorrect…

I don’t hate them. I am just disappointed in how aggressively they market inferior products…

Indeed… I believe cost of data is the primary reason they are so successful. Tecno (got it right this time @sarunibm) has flooded the market so smartphones might not be the challenge they once were

We honestly cannot downplay the success Opera Mini has had in this country. Before I started buying flagships, I used to love Opera Mini on Tecno devices.
I should probably give it another try. Use Opera Browsers (on phone and desktop) exclusively for a week and share my feedback.

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It’s been years since I saved data while browsing. Don’t see a reason why I should go back.

:joy:. I didn’t realize Mini was so “much-loved”. I know the desktop app is loved by some because of the in-built VPN; I’m gonna try both this week too

Personally I use Opera Mini but whenever I need to experience the full mobile site I simply switch to Chrome. As for consuming less data, I believe it does. Disabling Javascript keeps the site static and hence no synchronization.

Ok…It has a VPN…That I did not Know…I will definitely try to use it for a while.

i once tried it for a week on PC just because of the VPN…It lacked something a went back to using chrome

I have just started to use Opera And I think I will be using it for YouTube from now on

I love how you can reduce the screen.

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This is cool… Gotta try it.

Honestly i can’t remember when last i used opera mini kwa simu infact i don’t even have the app i use Monument and i get all the features edge restricts to pc its worth a try for w10m fan boys plus it got an ad blocker build in no ad pop ups at all

I been using the new Opera Desktop browser dev version and i have loved it so much,its way better than chrome,you can pop out video while working on other tabs.the social media messengers on the sidebars come in handy,adblocking and the vpn are also easy to use.Plus Opera saves on battery life especially on power hungry laptops

I use opera developer edition for desktop and it works wonders. I abandoned Chrome because it is RAM hungry. Opera is smooth even if you open more than twenty tabs. I also noticed that chrome apps works on opera. So it is like i abandoned all the other browsers. Others people have started to take notice of opera too https://thenextweb.com/opinion/2017/04/05/i-switched-from-chrome-and-safari-to-opera-and-couldnt-be-happier/