OPay by Operamini

So today i was served this ad of opay where if i paid using opay i’d get 1.5× more be it on credit purchase or water bill payment what got me curious is why and how they knew i normally buy and sort my bills via mobile money through certain apps thats aside can @martingicheru dig for us and mine us some info. abt opay coz the site doesn’t share much. Here’s the screenshot

Google is your friend.

Yes, @AbuyasLife found it slightly over a month ago. There hasn’t been much happening that side, and we haven’t heard a mention of it till now @Pascal.

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I got the offer today promising to double any airtime purchase of 20-50 bob. I didn’t try it because I don’t use Mpesa and didn’t want to give them my ATM card info. Opera is owned by the Chinese now and I don’t have the same level of confidence in them as I had when they were a Norwegian company.

Thanks for this

Was tempted to sign up but had a different thought and i am not giving it a try either thanks @martingicheru & @mister_roboto

cant use OPay but i have developed a knack of using opera desktop browser for all my browsing…so who knows whats next.