Online shopping vs In store shopping

E-commerce is really growing fast in today’s economy and hence many people have adopted online shopping, but is time yet to say goodbye to in person shopping? Definitely no. Here are some reasons:

  1. The price of convenience and expectation- Online shopping has brought greater flexibility since it gives customers full control of what to pay for. But also the product in question is an important factor to consider whether to buy online or not. When the customer has full information of the product then they can go ahead and buy but if they are still in doubt many will prefer going to the retail stores and buying in person.
  2. Different effort, same expectations- When the customers go to buy in person they sacrifice their time, effort and money because they believe their is some unique payoff. Also they will be able to get personal assistance directly, bargain and leave the store satisfied. On the other hand buying online requires less effort but still the same expectations, the customer can also research, compare prices, and check on reviews about the product.
  3. Emotional payoff- you imagine going to shopping with your friends or family, that emotional connection is more than consumerism compared to just sitting in the house with your laptop and ordering for items online.

There are so many online stores in Kenya, Jumia, Killimall, Rupu, VDS, OLX and many others.
Buying online versus buying in person is different—but one isn’t necessarily better, for consumers or merchants. By recognizing the unique value each channel inherently delivers, small-business owners can be strategic in what they sell, where, to whom and for what price.

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