Online learning platforms vs traditional education

Internet in Kenya has come a long way in the last 5 years or so. Data bundles have become affordable and broadband internet is spreading fast.

Online learning platforms (Udemy, Treehouse, Lynda etc) are now feasible if you have access to a computer/laptop.

I had an app idea a few months ago. I decided to learn and do it on my own instead of paying someone to do it for me. I opted for an Android programming course on Udemy. I am enjoying the content so far and the instructor seems to know his stuff.

I had enquired about the Android course from eMobilis and I was informed the price was 25,000/= + registration fees. The course takes 1 month.

The course on Udemy cost a whopping 1,200/= and it is regularly updated. It has 50 hours + of video content I get to keep forever.

Anyone with any experience learning on these platforms? How was it?

Do you think you can skip college and learn from these online courses? (Design, App programming, game development, video production etc)

I think these online courses should be treated as supplemental education to what you have already learnt. I have never registered to any of them but I find udemy to be awesome in programming (especially due to it’s collaboration with Google). Educating yourself online requires determination and being a hard-working individual. This is due to distractions which are all over the internet. I don’t think it’s a good idea to skip college for an online education. UNLESS you are a mature person who knows what you need. Otherwise itakua mchezo tu especially for generation z :joy::joy::joy::rofl:


Not tried any yet but I think its okay to go for online courses if ONLY you’re extending your course in a particular area. For starters naaah!