OnePlus 8T launch Event was so hard to watch 😆

The Android Smartphone Market is so mature I think companies should probably stop churning out phones every week. See how the OnePlus 8T had nothing to offer, they switched over to talk about software features which is what OEM’s should start doing.
But Bitmoji ,really​:laughing: , anyways, nimenyamaza.

Xiaomi, Realme , Oppo and Samsung should start fine-tuning their software now instead of launching phones every two minutes. Thoughts anyone

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things have reached peak on the android side :joy: nothing more to offer in terms of hardware

Saw this today on TechAltar’s alternate channel …The #ad displayed on the lock screen fake but it conjures an important discussion …

Also MrWhosetheBoss highlighted something that #Xiaomi has done in #Poco X3