OnePlus 6 - Notch or No Notch. It's Worth the Buy

Well the One Plus 6 looks familiar to the iPhone X

Does it? Nooo. It has a very unique design.
The notch kinda does look like iPhone X, but it’s smaller. The camera module on the back also looks like the Galaxy S9, but only a bit.

So, like I said, very unique design.

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This feature actually that makes it look like the X

I wouldn’t admire 1+6 if the leaks are to be true we want something original look at the sister company Vivo always innovative kwani 1+ cant innovate all Chinese major players are innovative when everyone copies apple and Samsung the designs start to become monotonous.

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Oneplus has gone too far in copying apple… I tried to ignore Oneplus 5 copy pasting but I cant ignore copying the notch

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Notch or no notch…It’s worth the buy OnePlus even teased the camera capabilities alongside the S9 (Why not the S9+ though? :thinking::thinking::thinking:), Pixel 2, and iPhone X



This race for Notches doesn’t make much sense.
Without a Notch the 5t is still great…
This race to make the entire front a screen may not be worth it…