OLX Android app pushing video advertisements

Has anyone seen their OLX Kenya app showing video ads? I recently updated my app and noticed that it now sometimes loads video ads at the bottom of a product listing. The video opens muted so that you don’t realize until you reach the bottom of the page and a few MBs poorer. Is this behavior going to affect your usage of the app? I know it will make me use the app less because I use limited bundles. How will this affect your usage of the app if at all? Is it a good business decision for OLX given its potential to deter visitors? Is the advertising money worth the loss of traffic?

i havent noticed it but if its been implemented the way you are saying then its bad news for us users of the app.

It will show up in your app just you wait. I think it’s an effort by OLX to increase their ad revenue because video ads pay more (I think). Too bad it’s at the expense of our poor MBs.