OLED monitors: Good or bad idea?


I know a lot of you guys here are gamers as well as pixel junkies , me included.I have always wondered why manufacturers could not simply mass produce OLED monitors.After all, they provide very deep blacks, better dynamic range, excellent viewing angles and can efficiently push out higher frame rates compared to the IPS displays riight? So why are they uncommon?

So apart from being expensive to manufacturer, OLED monitors have relatively shorter lifespan compared to their counterpart IPS displays, they tend to suffer from screen burn in.
You may ask ,if burn in is true, then why are televisions adopting this OLED trend and monitors lagging behind. So apparently most people leave on their monitors on for long. Also monitors are usually used more intensively e.g gaming and video rendering and editing making rate of degradation higher on monitors than televisions.
What are your thoughts.Would you sacrifice durability for quality?

OLEDS still need more time i think…I love OLED but current panels in the market need more refining and strengthening for durability.

Yea, plus apparently they are working on MicroLED technology which is supposed to work on stopping the blue pixels from washing out overtime.So maybe 3 years and we might get that Monitor we want after all

MicroLED is very promising btw,i am eager to see how that panel looks like in real life.