Older devices, which ones would you buy?

The recent mobile week, (has it ended?) had a number of discounts on smartphones, some of them were for devices from a year ago, some even forgotten smartphones. Once in a while I see someone asking what device they would buy on a certain budget, and quite a number of responses include devices from many months back that have since had their price slashed.

I personally would consider older devices from certain smartphone companies, like Sony, LG, Apple and Samsung. Just because I trust that they will be stable and give me service even while dated. Which brings me to this question, which old devices would you consider when budget is the main problem?

iPhone at the top of the list, then Sony. Maybe a few Samsung devices as well.

Buying an old Infinix, Tecno or any other in that category isn’t recommended since, well, we have all seen how they age.

I try not to be limited by a budget when it comes to mobile phones. It is something I save for and there is no way I am buying an old device unless I need it as an exact replacement for a previous one.

I my experience, the general rule to follow is: When dealing with millennials on a budget, don’t buy/recommend a device that’s 2 years old. 1 year is the minimum. iPhones age the best so 2 years is a good maximum. Android is 6 months, 1 year if you’re really pushing it and 2 years if it’s a flagship device.

The budget also matters. So if someone is trying to buy a non-chinese flagship with $300 (30K) then an LGG4 will serve them well, so long as you advise them that it’s 3 years old at the time of this article and some apps will be discontinued - Whatsapp, IG, FB, G-Suite will still work so there’s that.

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If i were to loose my current phone i would definitely get myself the good old Sony Xperia Z2 without butting an eyelid. I cannot go any lower than that.

The Nexus 6P. I lost this phone in March and I’m still planning to replace it. Pretty much the best Android experience I’ve ever had.

Before or after Google Pixel?

Haven’t experienced the Pixel yet. It was too rich for my blood when it first launched; even though I loved the idea of it. I’ll be ready for the second one though.

I do hope they give more screen real estate to the display and not the chins and bezels. That was weird.

I had a hands-on with the Pixel. I honestly think the Nexus 6P offers more, apart from that camera.

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Mobile week was a dissapointment for me
.Some phones there were out of date , out of market and others names haven’t heard of before .
Definitely go for more trusted brands and check the year of release online. HTC ,Sony ,huawei …Good brands with a wide range of pricing .

I, for some reason, still find those old flagships relevant to this day.

To be honest, the average user will only use the phone to check whatsapp, texts and calls, play some few games, reply to emails, look (binge in my case) at a few videos on YouTube (bundles permitting, where they are required).

Even 4G is still a luxury most eschew in favour of Wi-Fi and Unliminet or Xcell bundles.

Few will care if the phone is running the latest software, is Miracast capable, most don’t know about NFC and such other technological/software features/enhancements.

So for me…

  1. HTC One (M7, M8, M9. One Max (and any phone above 5.2") is too huge for me. I feel it’s analogous to a bathroom tile in the pocket.)
  2. HTC Desire Eye.
  3. Sony Z series.
  4. Samsung S series starting from S4.
  5. Samsung Note 4. This one didn’t feel too big for me.
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Enough said