Ocharge versus Xtravalue

Earlier this year Xtravalue was launched with teasers and Twitter influencers, a campaign that was quite aggressive, shortly after Ocharge hit the road. The two are airtime recharge apps that have a quite similar business model. Comparison between the two can easily be summarized with this swahili saying " Kutangulia bar sio kulewa" (arriving first at the pub does not equal getting drunk first)
Ocharge has over 50,000 installs while Xtravalue is yet to hit the 10,000 mark



Both are ‘marketing tricks’ to get you to buy something you don’t really want, just because of the psychological influence that “you are getting something cheaper”

I agree with you on that, the reward aims to get users to purchase things they hadn’t planned. But I spoke to one of the founders and the argument is you would still buy that airtime anyway, why not make your airtime a discount or deals platform, no extra cost. For those who will use these platforms, they will probably have wanted to purchase these deals, only needing something like this to motivate them.


@martingicheru, and that’s the argument they use to justify - and yes, for some it might coincide with an intended purchase - but they also know a large number of purchases will be on impulse due to the perceived ‘discount’

I may be missing out, but I’ll stick to mpesa->buy_airtime and get my bonga points :wink:

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Ocharge is legit and this impulse buying comments are BS…i have ocharge,i reload airtime through it,so far in the last two months of using it…i have enjoyed free beers,discounted prices at some outlets and a free movie ticket…i can see offers on the app clamouring for my over 2,000 points but Nah,i am not spending on just anything.Ocharge is just one way of getting good deals…its win win…i still get my airtime and i get to pay less for stuff when i need to buy them…Guys are beginning to realize that its not a fad…As for XtraValue,they failed the moment they used paybill instead of till numbers,no one is going to spend 120 bob to get 100 bob of airtime…

I totally agree with you. I recently used Ocharge and I think I will be sticking to it as from now :slight_smile:

I’ve read the article. Question - would you normally have purchased pizzas :pizza: (whether for 2000/- or 1250/-) on a Thursday? Or would you admit that the psychological effect of getting a ‘bargain’ led you to make an impulse purchase?

I’m not convinced :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So there is an interesting discourse over at Twitter, and these are responses by people on whether they use airtime recharge apps, why or why not.



This mostly points to some homework that the airtime recharge app startups need to do. Review the kind of discounts they offer. Or simply widen their catalogue to cover these areas suggested. General view is that discounts are for products people don’t usually consume.

Well, I only buy pizzas during offers apart from those special days, but still… The Ocharge was an offer and I took it up. It wasn’t impulse.

On the other hand, the airtime recharge apps need to offer better deals on things that matter, just like @martingicheru said

From the comments I think Ocharge is better. So I’ve downloaded the app. who has an Ocharge invite code I get 200 points?

Yes please, here is mine 7T47W6

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The way @martingicheru jumped on that :smile::joy:

You got to shoot your shot. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Thanks @martingicheru

yep,gotta get those points martin

They’re all nice attempts at getting you to spend money you may otherwise not have bothered to (impulse) every time you see a “deal”. And they’re not really great deals when you do the math. But hey,

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@echenze :smirk: You’ve already spoilt it for us, you should have let us enjoy it.

@echenze – my point since the start of this thread :slight_smile: ‘Marketing’ is now getting so smart at separating us from our hard-earned cash! We need to be smarter than them, by questioning our own motivation to purchase.

At what point was marketing about anything else @tony.mzungu?

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