Apparently, there is no big difference in performance (in gaming) between a SATA SSD and an NVME SSD. See video below.I wanted to get an NVME SSD but I might be better off with a bigger SATA SSD.

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Sikuizi bei imeanguka, if your PC has an M.2 or PCIe slot, just get NVME option for size and other benefits of PCIe throughput in overall PC usage.

It has an m.2 slot. I think I’ll get the NVME one.

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I’ll prefer NVME, because it has way more transfer speed, around 3 times of SATA. On the other hand Sata drives are connected through cables which sometimes can result in high latency issue, and nvme has direct slot on the motherboard, which gives seamless connection and speed to it, without any interruption.
If your budget allows you can buy Nvme 1 tb drive. It will surely pay off with time. If you have any other doubts you can read this article I found.

So i been using this HP Envy since late 2019 then last month i checked under disk management and noticed that i had 256GB unallocated,thats when i realized i had a SAMSUNG based NVME drive in my laptop that i had never used.Sema kubackup na kuformat machine asap.Now my primary drive is the SSD NVME and the 1TB HDD is extra storage that i am using with plex media server for my media needs and resilio sync for file transfers.

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That’s crazy, you didn’t know it had one? It wasn’t under my PC?

Thanks. I’ve already started getting suggestion thanks to the tracking on some of these sites.
Like this one.

Right now I’m just debating on the brand and the pricing. I also need to add more ram, 8gb more. So I’m looking at a samsung evo alternative.

Nope,it wasnt under My PC,i had to check Disk Management under Device Manager to even find it.I think when i bought it,i thought it only had the 1TB HDD where the OS was running from

Un-allocated storage doesn’t show up kwa My PC

What a Luck!

Najau PC imeongeza speed ajab :laughing:

That’s right. How can an OEM forget to allocate space ama it wasn’t new @Dree_Alexander?

I swear haikuwa inashow before.Yes,speed imeongezeka sana since i made the change