NSE Online Shares Trading,Your thoughts and Experiences?

So i have been buying shares online on the NSE for a while now and i have noticed how the whole process has changed much in the last 10 years,especially now when the NSE and CDSC are moving into newer,faster systems that will allow for High frequency trading and trading in derivatives and other products.I am curious to know how y’all going about it and your thoughts and experiences on this topic…

Check a wesbite called etoro.com
It’s a social trading platform and I will try my best to explain. Learn more on YouTube.

Etoro list stocks in major stock exchanges (New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange e.t.c) and then, provide a platform so that people who are very good in trading can share all their trading activities with other people who are not skilled in trading

For example, If I know I am good in trading stocks or commodities and I get to join and use etoro to trade, all my trading activities will be made public, and available to anyone on this social trading platform. If I buy Tesla or Google stock, then sell it after two weeks, and I a make a profit, everyone on the platform people will see my return (profit in percentage) for that month, and they can also see my trading track record since the day I joined, they can get to copy me as I trade. So you don’t have to be a good trader to make money on stocks, I simply copy and follow skilled traders (stock brokers or other independent traders) with a good track record.

For example, If buy a stock of say $2,000 and let’s say this stock forms 5% of my portfolio (All the different types of stocks I hold), and I have people following me, all my followers accounts will automatically buy that stock by 10% of the money they have invested in that account without ever having to do a thing - automatic. When I sell that stock at a profit, my followers accounts also get to sell that stock at a profit automatically and profits are credited to their account. Followers don’t need to do the heavy work of researching and waiting at the right time to trade, they simply follow me as I trade and trading is done automatically.

To incentivize skilled traders to join, Etoro, pays 2% of the value of money invested by your followers to skilled traders. If my followers are like 5,000 people and collectively all these followers have invested $10Million dollars, skilled traders get 2% of the value per year, that’s $200,000 (Kes 20Million). So more and more people who are not very skilled in trading can trade. E-Toro makes money through fees they collect from different types of transactions and withdrawal fees ($25 per withdrawal).

They have about 8Million accounts that have been opened on e-toro and Kenyans can also invest. There are traders who make a return of 15% per month, trading stocks, commodities, currency pairs and crypto currency. However, e-toro says that 66% of people who use e-toro lose money. Mostly newbies who jump in and look to make a quick money and are emotional traders.

You wont make money with Etoro if you have invested little cash. If you want to make 500K per month, invest like 7Million. There are gurus who make 15% return per month, but also remember, you can easily lose money with stocks. If stock prices go down dramatically, and without you expecting it, you can lose like 50% of your invested money. Etoro tells you very openly, and is in so many parts of their platform, that past success is not a guarantee of future return. They also tell you to invest money that you’re only willing to risk and not to assume that the people who you follow have the same financial capability like you. They are regulated by different regulatory bodies.

Trading is a game, and there are people who are making money. If you have some cash that you’re willing to risk, then I recommend etoro. I don’t have to work for many years to be a senior person to make 500K a month. Invest Kes 7Million, (Amount I am willing to risk) invest in stocks through e-toro, I can make 500K a month without working. Accumulate 6 months profits to have like Kes 3Million set aside to take in the shocks should stock prices drop. Then all the rest of the profits coming every month, use that for your expenses and your other investments. They have a demo account, where you can use virtual cash of $2,000 to follow traders to try it out before you invest your money. If you are happy with the results and want to jump in, you can now invest real cash.

Overseas stocks in developed countries is where the action is, wachana na NSE - there are less than 60 companies. NYSE has over 3,000 listed companies. You can also buy partial share for companies like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, PayPal Tesla e.t.c If share price for Amazon is like $1,800 (Kes 180,000), you can buy partial shares through leverage on etoro.

I am looking to start investing in the NSE. I think for the long-term it will be good because these are local companies I can navigate stocks more easily. However, I think e-toro is a brilliant idea. I just learnt it from you today and I think they are on-to something. The model they are using is the same as the one used by poker players in a concept called staking. There is a site called youstake. com where regular people ‘invest’ money into poker players and when they win you get a share of the profit and viceversa.

Edit - I have read a little bit and it seems etoro is more bad than it is good. Complains of high fees, blocking trades, technical issues and lack of support.

I always avoid EToro ad on youtube like a plague… Google has been following me with that ad everywhere… And now I know am gonna see it again, thanks to mentioning it in an unsecured forum… @martingicheru :smirk:

avoid unregulated platforms for you shall lose your money, for kenya try SBG, dyer & whoever etc, they have nice online platforms.

Trading stock is risky, whether you trade in NSE or NYSE stocks.

Check website traffic of e-toro on Similarweb, between 8 - 10 Million visits per month
All these people can’t be losing money - otherwise, internet would be full of horror stories and this company would have been shut down by now.

Here are their traffic stats - https://www.similarweb.com/website/etoro.com#overview

If all those people who invest and lose money at NSE could have a platform to share their experiences, you would never invest. Kenya doesn’t have have review sites like those in the west, so you can’t even know what it has been for most NSE investors. They make losses or have bad experience and no one knows about it.

You will probably make mistakes like any newbie on NSE who is learning to trade. E-toro save you from these mistakes if you’re not a skilled trader, follow a stock broker or independent trader who has been trading for a long time and has proven track record and copy them as they trade. When they make a profit, you also make a profit. It’s like following Jimna Mbaru or Warren Buffet as he trades, when he buys stock, you also buy, when he sells, you also sell, when he makes a profit, you also make a profit.

Most complains about etoro are for people who are broke and have $1,000 or $2,000 free cash and want to make quick money. You won’t make money with such an investment of course, trading stock doesn’t work like that. 1 (One) Amazon share is Kes 180,000 ($1,800), what profit can you make buying a single share or a partial share? A return of 15% per year on $1,000 is only 15K per yr before fees and taxes. No one cal be excited with 15K per year - that’s like 1,250 bob per month.

Also, there are so many people trading crypto currencies and forex currencies on e-toro, in hope they will become rich quickly, and when it doesn’t make them money, they are everywhere trashing the platform.

Etoro has a practice account that gives you Kes 10Million ($100,000) in virtual cash to practice. Why not use this one for several months, do it practically, copying other skilled traders using virtual cash, see the results for yourself after several months, instead of listening to losers. Don’t listen to losers.

Am all in on etoro, hoping to have $70,000 (Kes 7Million) invested on e-toro - am doing this progressively, increasing the amount every month, as I see the returns. Am targetting at least 5% return per month. That’s a free Kes 350,000 per month without ever having to do a thing.

Try starting a business in Kenya with Kes 7 Million, seeking a profit of 350K per month, it will give you so much stress to manage every day before it can make you 350,000 per month, remember you can also lose all this money in your new venture. I am currently on full time employment, so I don’t have time to manage a business.

All my 10 - 12 month profit (3.5Million - Kes 350,000 x 10 Months ) will be kept aside as buffer - absorbing the shocks in stock market. If all goes well, by the second year, I will have recouped my original 7Million, so I will basically be left playing around with the Kes 7Million I made in profits making between 350K to 500K per month. Hiyo profit 7M nilipata ya “bure” ikipotea ni sawa.

Trading stocks is not for the faint-hearted, you’ve to risk - there are no two ways around it.

Practice Account - remove the brackets [ ]
https [ :// ] content [DOT] etoro [DOT] com/lp/practice_account/

Etoro is regulated in more than one country -

etoro (Cyprus) is regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission

eToro (UK) Ltd is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

eToro Europe operate under and comply with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).

In Australia, eToro is regulated under the Corporations Act (Commonwealth)

Check website traffic of e-toro on Similarweb, between 8 - 10 Million visits per month
Here are their traffic stats - https://www.similarweb.com/website/etoro.com#overview

I read an article last week where CBK governor said 0.7% of bank accounts in Kenya have Kes 1Million or more, that’s why they have a $10,000 withdrawal limit.

Think about that number again - less than 1%. This includes all business and government accounts - all of them that have a cash balance of $10,000 are only 0.7% . Kenya is definitely a poor country, that’s why NSE has less than 70 listed companies.

Why should I invest only in Kenya, yet I can get better returns in other richer countries.

Facebook is coming up with Whatsapp ads in 2020, won’t it be great to own their shares. How much money do you think they will make from Whatsapp ads with 2Billion users?

Google, on the other hand, is increasing their more areas where they can show ads on their platform, they will make even more money, buy their shares now through e-toro CFD - Contract for difference.

There’s no company in Kenya that can make money the way companies in NYSE make. Invest 7Million in NSE and tell me if it’s possible to get a return 350K per month. Not possible.

Install an adblocker if you access YouTube on your PC,

I use ghostery Chrome extension to block ads, much stronger than adblock plus.

I simply use the option of Block Everything - no tracking, no ads, no nothing.

I use adblock plus… It works but not all ads are blocked…

thanks guys for your thoughts,I have heard of etoro but my experience of it was not good so i avoid it for the moment.However,for NSE through my investment broker Suntra,i have been able to buy shares in 20 companies in the last month very easily…First depositing to CDSC account through suntra Paybill no,then onward purchasing of shares i prefer on through the NSE online trading portal through my computers at the comfort of my office and home desk https://onlinetrading.nse.co.ke/TradeWeb110/login.aspx …After purchasing the shares,i get a contract note and after the shares settle (after a few days) they are credited to my CDSC account which i can see via the CDSC extranet portal https://portal.cdsckenya.com/extranet/ …i have been able to get exposure to various sectors of our economy,from real estate,banking to oil & gas… and the dividends so far have been small but there is a beauty to now seeing dividends being deposited to one of my bank accounts listed on my CDSC account details.I have also been receiving the typical shareholder treatment like notices/bulletins and memos that shareholders get from the listed companies through my registered email account on the CDSC account…Personally,i am looking forward to continue building my stake especially now that the market is on the low after a long bear run…stocks are cheap,most shares of reputable dividend yielding companies are below 10 shillings at the moment with huge potential to benefit from an outright buying/takeover n delisting to appreciation of the shares in the long term with possible economic improvements/turnaround…

Facebook is introducing Whatsapp ads in 2020.
FB annual revenues without Whatsapp ads is Kes 5.5 Trillion
Whatsapp has 2Billion users and I think FB will make a ton of money from Whatsapp ads
If they are making 5.5Trillion from 2Billion users, what if they add another platform with 2.5Billion users and sell ads - they will hit Kes 10 Trillion in 3 - 4 years - money that our govt can only dream about. I must buy their shares. I am sure I will make much better returns.

Remember, Kenya’s GDP (Total Economic output of 40Million Kenyans) is about Kes 7 Trillion. Facebook with only 36,000 employees makes Kes 5.5Trillion - that’s 78% of our economic output. I must buy their shares.

Tesla is introducing pick up trucks next year, I will buy their shares as well.

There are so many ways to buy shares in US stock market if you are a non-resident in case you wouldn’t want to use e-toro. Just google.

Charles Schwab is another favourite choice, it’s one of the biggest stock brokers in US.