Now that kickass is down.....any other alternative?

So where to now that kickass seems to be down :frowning:

I still use piratebay from time to time…once in a while it actually has something that kickass doesn’t have (rarely though)

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There are several mirrors:

  2. (appears to be down at the moment)

Also, the great Pirate Bay still lives on.

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No major problem yet. You just need to access through some proxies for some versions of the site are still live. Try and choose either of the proxy links provided at the beginning of the article…


This one as well:

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try this

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You can also use although the domain keeps on changing for obvious reasons.

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More mirrors and

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But why are people struggling yet there is piratebay?


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For those who torrent on their mobile devices, what apps do you use. I rarely do so (maybe once or twice a year). I was recently looking around for an app and I came across Flud, a really good torrent app for Android. It has all the bells and whistles. Material design and all.

I find that piratebay doesn’t offer nearly as many torrents as kickass…at least ever since it too strarted being taken down. Also before kickass started having it’s issues i found that they had better quality torrents i.e. less likelyhood of malware

Searching the Pirate Bay is not for everyone. I know my way around but it is the most user unfriendly torrent site ever. Kickass is something that one who’s new to torrenting will likely use as compared to Pirate Bay. Throw in the Kickass community and you’ve killed it. There are forums to hang around with direct links to content that is pending upload as the show is still airing. You don’t get that on the Pirate Bay where it’s, to use local parlance, “jisort na upotee”.

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Great sites out there! and


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In 22th July, 2016 KickAss Torrents was taken down by the Police.,,,,kastatic, etc. all are seized and taken down. Many torrent users got freaked out hearing the news,
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