Novia Wireless Internet on Thika Road

So someone shared with me Novia Wireless website, and the website says they provide internet (data bundles and unlimited internet from RoySambu all the way to Thika. This is a Juja service provider.
See the pricing packages. Anyone from the said locations to discuss the product?


Their primary benefit is the lack of FTTH in those parts. And now that Able Wireless is primarily offline some might be looking to this as an option.

Challenge is the price. People in roysambu environs were used to 500 or 1K a month for Able Wireless (From 4Mbps down, upto 22Mbps up). These prices are steep. What was their market research like?

It would be nice if they came to techweez and gave you an interview so we can learn more about them.

They are as expensive as safaricom but slower. Their pricing is a little way over the top.

Are those speeds guaranteed??

Those prices man. Heri kununua data bundles from Safaricom.

With such prices they should have concentrated on deploying the service in areas where fiber is not available. Now that the area is well connected to Zuku and Safaricom is moving fast to cover the region, how will they survive with those prices?

Their home base is actually Juja, so they are going all the way to Roysambu so that they can cover Zimmerman, Kahawa West and Githurai. I think they know which turf would get them returns.

Then that is a great idea given that most users are on smartphones and everyone seems tired of the bundle gobbler.

Looks like they not going to offer cheaper plans any soon.
But I’ve realized they’ve adjusted their speeds slightly!

These prices dont make sense heri kubuy bundles za faiba

Kuna some guys mtaani they retail 2mps unlimited @ 1k
ubaya hawana above 5mps